The 5 biographies that caught our attention in 2022

It is known, we like to read the biographies of famous people, those who have known success, glory and sometimes tragic destinies too.

The 5 biographies that caught our attention in 2022

It is known, we like to read the biographies of famous people, those who have known success, glory and sometimes tragic destinies too. We easily project ourselves into their intimacy, either out of simple curiosity or to dream and let ourselves be transported into the universe of the divas who live in the spotlight. Among the many biographies that have appeared this year, here are the five that stood out.


We didn't know everything...

Our famous Céline, to whom we have a boundless attachment, has been strongly shaken since the death of René Angélil, her husband, the man of her life, her mentor, her manager, her pillar, her balance and the father of her children. Quite recently, we learned more from the mouth of Céline on the terrible rare disease which shakes the diva of Charlemagne, to the point of no longer being able to go back on stage.

In their book, the authors Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropéa saw correctly when they wrote, after having interviewed the singer's medical specialist, the brilliant Dr. Jean Abitbol, ​​ENT and phoniatrist, specialist in the vocal cords recognized worldwide, that his health would not allow him no longer leaving for long tours, as she had done with so much fervor previously.

Those who thought they knew her by heart were surprised to discover, in this new biography, new facets of the famous international singer thanks to numerous exclusive interviews that the authors were granted. We learn the underside of his relationship with several industry players who have remained secret until then. Strong and courageous, but also sad, destabilized and vulnerable, Céline was bruised by the refusal of her son, René-Charles, when she offered to entrust him with the management of her career as an agent. Today, she is the one who holds the reins of her destiny.


Flamboyant and eccentric

The eccentricity of Elton John, which has always been in a way his trademark, comes out very well in his biography. The 75-year-old singer, who has sold more than 300 million albums, has had a difficult time in part due to his drug use. If success has somehow gone to his head, he will admit that alcohol and cocaine have ruined part of his life. Nevertheless, we forgive him for his misbehavior and his few whims and eccentricities that he still often claims since his ordeals have made him more human. Besides, his frankness about his bisexuality has not made his life easy. Many began to shun his shows. Fortunately for him, things got better when he presented his world tours as well as his two residencies at Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas, attracting millions of people.

Today, the pop legend seems to be enjoying life with her husband, Canadian filmmaker David Furnish, and their two adopted sons.


An exceptional philosophy of life

The former First Lady of the United States who commands respect and dignity is a bright woman who wants to help others. In her second book, she evokes her fears and doubts frankly and frankly. But it is mainly his values ​​and his philosophy of life that stand out in this biography. The mother of two children, Malia and Sasha, and wife of Barack Obama pursues her life mission by accepting several commitments in order to transmit hope and light to those who are deprived of it. According to her, it is important to transmit this beautiful light that lives in us and that lies dormant deep within us. It is enough to turn it towards others, so that it can spring on them. A way to encourage others to surpass themselves.


A committed princess

Impossible not to shed a tear while reading this biography. As the sad 25th anniversary of the People's Princess' passing was recently celebrated, new light on her life has been shed with this recent biography. The one who was adored all over the world not only had a tragic end, but was also unhappy in love. There was, of course, her prince Charles, unfaithful, but she did not experience complete happiness with the other men who followed in her intimacy, to the point of having her heart broken. This did not prevent her from devoting herself to multiple humanitarian causes. Fortunately for her, there were her two sons, Princes William and Harry, for whom she had an unwavering love.


A man of authenticity

The famous singer who enjoyed his hours of international glory with the rock opera Starmania, then in the early 2000s, with the successes of Miserere and Notre Dame de Paris, managed to conquer his audience on both sides of the Atlantic. But what stands out from this biography is the beautiful authenticity with which he reveals himself. The man who experienced financial difficulties was able to recover by remaining optimistic while working, with all the perfectionism that we know of him in order to continue his journey.

We are impatiently awaiting his new musical show, Al Capone, where he will play Elliot Ness, who will be born in Paris, at the Folies Bergère, in January 2023.

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