The 50 best rosés to taste this summer

Rosé inspires holidays.

The 50 best rosés to taste this summer

Rosé inspires holidays. No matter how hard we try to “deseasonalise” it (a new fashionable term in Provence), nothing works! Rosé remains closely linked to the summer season, the sun and idleness. That said, more and more serious wine lovers are enjoying it year-round, sometimes as a middle ground between red and white, sometimes as a bespoke companion to seafood. Les Méchants Raisins deliver their favorites of 2022, so far. Light or concentrated, pale or dark, delicate or intense, Provencal or Quebec, there is something for everyone. Cheers ! Good summer !

France 12% | 1.3g/L | $13.60★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 10510354

Once again this year, the Cazal Viel rosé can afford to claim the title of best value for money in its category. Predominant in the blend (which also includes Cinsault and Grenache), Syrah is felt on the nose with notes of violet and blackcurrant. A generous fruitiness and a good delicacy of structure. More than simple and effective, it offers real pleasure.

France | 13% | 1.4 g/L – Organic | $16.25★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 427625

The entry-level rosé from Michel Gassier (Château de Nages) stands out again in 2021 with its ripe but fresh attack on the palate, punctuated with small red fruits. Hyper digestible and endowed with a saline finish that calls for a Nordic shrimp roll, with a tarragon mayonnaise. Yum !

Spain | 12.5% ​​| 2.3g/L | $11.90★★1/2 | $

Code SAQ : 14396659

This rosé made in the Spanish region of La Mancha – yes, like Don Quixote – is made from 100% Tempranillo. As its pale, almost Provençal color announces, the 2021 is rather delicate, both on the nose and on the palate, but stands out from other wines in this price range by its frank attack, devoid of any sweetness. A perfect match for fish tacos.

Chile | 13% | 2.5 g/L - Organic | $14.95★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14396801

The wines of the Torres house practically do not need any presentation as they are synonymous with quality and know-how. Especially since the prices are always soft. This rosé is mainly composed of pinot noir to which we add monnastrell (or mourvèdre in French). The first brings the flavors to the nose and the delicacy in the mouth, while the second helps to give it body and length. It's simple, pleasant and all in balance. One of the good rosés under $15.

France | 12.5% ​​| < 1.2g/L | $14.85★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14396608

Aimé Guibert passed away a few years ago, but his descendants remain faithful to the spirit that built Gassac. A very fine example of Hérault rosé, produced in partnership with the local cooperative. Simple, but straight, at the same time full of sun, smart and digestible.

Quebec wine | 12% | 1.7g/L | $20★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 13835648

If we had been told one day that Quebec would produce a rosé of this quality and made from pinot noir and chardonnay, no one would have believed it. Without being the most expressive and full-bodied, the wine stands out with its fine and tight texture, its precise aromas of peony, red fruits and a vegetal trait of the most beautiful effect. Quebec rosé in its most typical Nordicity.

Quebec wine | 11.5% | <1.2g/L | $15.10★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14575294

Despite its horrible label, the bottle contains a well-made rosé. Composed mainly of Seyval Noir to which we add a little Frontenac Gris and Vidal, this Provençal-style rosé offers a pleasant nose of red fruits, peach and a herbaceous touch. A fair fruitiness, not the fullest, but endowed with an undeniable freshness, the whole being of a fairly good drinkability. The easy and very dry rosé, offered at a low price.

Quebec | 12.5% ​​| 3.4g/L | $17.15★★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14567606 

Although we struggle to explain why the estate presents the 2020, this blend of Frontenac, Chancellor and Seyval Noir is thirst-quenching. A nose that surprises with its aromatic intensity evoking English candy, raspberry and a touch of fir. A juicy fruitiness articulated around a good acidity. Good persistence. Impressive.

Quebec wine | 12.8% | n.d. g/L – Organic | $19★★★ | $1/2

Sale at the estate

Pretty rosé from the Île d'Orléans whose pale color is reminiscent of those of Provence. Pressed and cold-fermented in stainless steel vats, the marquette (organically grown) delivers here a well-scented nose of melon, strawberry and wildflowers. Very dry in the mouth with a delicate substance. The wine lacks a bit of length, but it compensates with its great drinkability which makes it suitable for an aperitif.

Quebec wine | 12.5% ​​| 1.8g/L | $16.25★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 10817090

The summer of 2021 in Quebec has been generous and Daniel Lalande's rosé reminds us of it as soon as we plunge our nose into the glass. The fruit is ripe and the texture ample and vinous, but the whole is supported by a fresh acidity. A gourmet pleasure with a salad of tomatoes, watermelon and feta cheese.

Quebec wine | 11.5% | <1g/L | $20.70★★★1/2 | $$

Sale at the estate

One of the most interesting Quebec rosés of the 2021 vintage is produced by a "historic" domain of Dunham, created in 1981 on the famous Bruce Road. The aromas of ripe fruit in Seyval Blanc, Frontenac Gris and Seyval Noir contrast with a nervous, light and tense attack on the palate. A delicate rosé to serve with a tartare of scallops and Quebec strawberries.

Quebec wine | $15.85★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 12644153

Frontenac Gris can sometimes be acerbic and exuberant, sometimes bordering on rusticity. Not here. In the 2021 rosé from the Robert family, it is rather charming, deploying aromas of peach, to which are added the accents of black fruits of the little pearl and the floral notes of the vidal. The invigorating acidity cuts through a gourmet flesh, leaving a satisfying sensation on the finish.

Quebec | 11.5% | <2g/L | $27★★★

Delicatessen shops

This Stanbridge East vineyard owes its name to its founder, originally from the Ardennes region of France. In 2019, the current owners, Stéphanie Thibodeau and Pier Cousineau, planted Pinot Noir, from which they now produce a very good rosé, vinified without yeast, with a short skin maceration, hence its slightly darker color. The attack is lively, in balance with the tastes of morello cherries and wild strawberries and the wine, despite its lightness (11.5% alcohol), surprises with its volume in the mouth.

Quebec wine | 12.5% ​​| 3.9g/L | $16.55★★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14721950

A blend of equal parts Seyval Noir and Vidal, slightly darker in color than the “Provençale” rosés. Beautiful olfactory expression, with notes of wild strawberries, apple blossoms, a nice presence in the mouth with a perfect balance between acidity and roundness. This is one of our big favorites this year!

France | 13.5% | 2g/L | $21.90★★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 425496

Always on top, again this year. Perhaps even more aromatic than the 2020 (which can still be found on the shelves). Citrus nose with notes of melon and red fruits, generous on the palate and long. Nice texture too.

France | 14% | <1.2g/L | $17.15★★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 12843128 

Seeing the price, we say to ourselves: is it possible? But when you know the rigor of this Rhone trading house, you say to yourself that it is no coincidence. Precise flavors, plenty of hold, and remarkable length for less than $17. Serve it with a grilled salmon steak or a pork tenderloin with mustard.

France | 13.5% | 1 g/L – Organic | $20.80★★★1/2 | $$

(Available soon)

Code SAQ : 14453561

Michel Gassier's wines are still amazing. A model of balance, mastery of maturity, freshness and drinkability. Dominant Grenache complemented by Mourvèdre. The wine is floral with ripe fruit. Good complexity and length on the finish. As indulgent as last year, but with less of a hint of elegance. It remains one of the best in its class.

France | 13.5% | <1.2g/L – Organic | $21.80★★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 13448699

The Rollier from Château La Martinette is based on a classic Provençal blend: Grenache, Cinsault, Tibouren, Rolle and Syrah. Unsurprisingly, the wine stands out again this year with an impeccable balance, like a tightrope walker on a wire, between fat and tension, between width and length, between fruit, flowers and iodized, saline notes. A bottle to be enjoyed slowly to better see it evolve from glass to glass.

France | 13% | 1.4g/L | $19.75★★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 13845791 

Nose of raspberries, strawberries and delicate notes of peony. Frank and clean flavors. Long finish that leaves a floral imprint. It seems more aromatic than the 2020. And the famous bottle has not changed with its famous molded bottom in the shape of a rose.

France | 13% | 1.3g/L | $19.75★★★1/2 | $$

Code SAQ : 13574425

The rosé from the Franco-Quebec couple Emmanuelle Dupéré and Laurent Barrera does not disappoint again this year. Delicate and refined on the palate; lovely aromas of flowers, strawberries and citrus. Even better after an hour in a carafe.

France | 13.5% | 1.3g/L | $16.10★★1/2 | $

Code SAQ : 534768 

Named “Cru Classé” in 1955, Château Sainte-Roseline is a benchmark in Provence and its Roseline, the estate’s entry-level cuvée, is a regular on our annual list of the best rosés. We feel a fruitiness nourished with tones of field fruits and citrus fruits. Good roundness in the mouth with more crunchy fruitiness than usual. Very dry and easy to drink, it is offered at a friendly price.

France | 13% | 1.3g/L | $26.95★★★ | $$1/2

(Available soon)

Code SAQ : 13680762

One of the many cuvées of Château Minuty, the M de Minuty is actually a trade wine. Its quality is no less good. The 2021 will appeal to lovers of classic rosé, both for its discreet nose and its fluid and flowing mouth. Not very deep, but fresh and thirst-quenching.

France | 13% | 1.3 g/L – Organic | $21.55★★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 11232261

Pierre-François Terrat produced an excellent Béatines in 2021. Still a little more concentrated and aromatic than the average rosé from Provence, the wine also displays a remarkable longevity, which makes it particularly pleasant at the table. Serve it with rosemary lamb chops. You will be pleasantly surprised!

France | 13% | <1.2g/L – Organic | $19.20★★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 11687021

A favorite, year after year. And for good reason: the Vial family does not skimp on any detail and signs a rosé of irreproachable quality in its domain of Brignoles, in the Var department. The 2021 offers a pure, precise and very expressive nose. The material is ample and carried by a vibrant acidity, leaving an airy impression in the mouth. Still just as digestible and tonic, it will be a hit as an aperitif or at the table. Price up, but impeccable quality.

France | 13% | 2.1 g/L – Organic | $19.95★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 14678373

A classic rosé from Provence, particularly successful in 2021: mineral, nervous and fresh, dominated by floral aromas and an airy and supple mouth. Ideal for an aperitif or for lobster rolls.

France | 13.5% | 2.7g/L - Organic | $19.85★★1/2 | $$

Code SAQ : 10790843

Another classic whose price has unfortunately gone up. It is one of the most beautiful properties in Provence, the latter having also served as the setting for the film Le Château de ma mère, recounting the life of the famous filmmaker Marcel Pagnol. Notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and fresh red fruits. Delicate mouth and tender substance. It lacks a hint of volume and length to aspire to three stars, while remaining very good.

France | 13.5% | 4.6g/L | $19.75★★★ | $$

Code SAQ : 11686503

Belonging to the Quiot family, the estate has a breathtaking view of the Sainte-Victoire, mythical mountain of Provence which inspired many painters, including Cézanne. Classic among the classics (whose price has unfortunately still increased), the 2021 rosé presents itself with extra body and roundness, without losing definition and freshness. Lovely scents of melon, strawberry coulis and orange blossom.

France | 13.5% | 1g/L | $26.85★★★1/2 | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 11416984

Despite an English name tailor-made for tourists on the “French Riviera”, this “Ange qui Murmure” is no less good. It's even one of our favorite rosés at the SAQ, year after year. Dominated by Grenache, to which are added Cinsault and Syrah, it is the archetype of Provençal rosé: flowers, berries, hints of garrigue and spices. Quite dry, while being ample and graceful, it offers a long, tasty finish.

France | 13% | 1.4 g/L – Organic | $32.50★★★★1/2 | $$$

Code SAQ : 13736578

Fan of Bandol rosé, you will want to watch very closely for the arrival of this one during the summer. A pure delight! Archetypal rosé from this prestigious seaside appellation, this blend of Mourvèdre (40%), Cinsault, Grenache and Clairette is solid and refined, statuesque, ethereal and deeply rooted in its Mediterranean terroir. Its saline finish will make you want to eat oysters in the middle of July.

France | 13% | 2.9 g/L – Organic | $26.05★★★★ | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 14408656

Our expectations were high, given the impeccable quality of the last two vintages, and this 2021 exceeds expectations. Despite its slightly darker color, the wine is still just as fine and elegant, dry, saline, with a more complex aromatic spectrum than many rosés from Provence and a texture rich enough to accompany you from aperitif to main course. .

France | 13% | 1 g/L – Organic | $32.25 ★★★★1/2 | $$$

Code SAQ : 14822321 

The reds from this 30-hectare estate are renowned for their enormous development potential. The rosé may not have the same depth, but it nevertheless stands out for the quality of its fruitiness and its complexity. An astonishing floral register on the nose gives way to a vibrant fruitiness, with notes of raspberry, anise and broom. An iron fist in a velvet glove, finely textured---and graceful; it leaves a long, fresh and enveloping finish. There are few left, so hurry up or don't miss the 2021.

France | 13% | 1 g/L – Organic | $27.05★★★★ | $$1/2

(Available soon)

Code SAQ : 13711901

Very close to the sea, overlooking the town of Bormes-les-Mimosas in the Var, Château Léoube continues to produce rosés with character. This Love By Léoube cuvée is both festive and serious. A juicy and elegant fruitiness offering scents of melon, peach and lily. It is once again one of the best rosés on the shelves of the SAQ.

France | 13.5% | 1.6 g/L – Organic | $29.00★★★★ | $$$

(Available soon)

Code SAQ : 12842256

Bandol rosés are recognized for their aging potential and are among the best. Prices are usually substantial. Offered under $30, this rosé from Domaine de la Suffrène is not only an economical way to learn about this kind of rosé, but the 2021 is simply splendid. Juicy and fragrant, it leaves a long and fine spicy impression. Delicious now, it will be difficult to wait for it beyond this summer!

United States | 13.5% | 3.3g/L | $27.95★★★★ | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 14977285

A bottle that will not leave anyone indifferent. Clearly Provençal-inspired, but with a Californian exuberance. This Grenache wine is enhanced with a touch of Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is very expressive (peach, citrus fruits, roses), the mouth is ample and generous, with a nice roundness and a finish on ripe fruit. To drink at the table, to wash down trout or salmon.

Italy | 12.5% ​​| 1 g/L – Organic | $30.00★★★★ | $$$

Code SAQ : 14205699

This is one of the best natural rosés offered at the SAQ. Made by Daniele Delaini, artisan owner of a tiny estate (just over one hectare) in Bardolino, in the splendid Veneto region. The Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella and Sangiovese grape varieties are in unison in this wine with a translucent and luminous color with cherry pink hues. After aeration, the wine explodes: tangerine, cherry, peach, rhubarb, ginger. Material nourished and vibrant, not to say gripping; nice persistence. Well-made natural wine.

Italy | 13% | 2.1g/L | $24.35★★★1/2 | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 14467891

Valter Scarbolo was among the first winemakers to rehabilitate Ramato, a historic wine from Friuli in northeastern Italy, made from 100% Pinot Gris. Closer to a rosé than an orange wine, despite what the SAQ website says, the wine is the result of maceration for 18 hours at low temperature with the skins of grigio, which makes it possible to extract a some staying power and a nice spectrum of yellow fruit, fresh tomato and darjeeling tea flavors. A nice bottle to serve with a starter of tomatoes and burrata.

Masciarelli, Rosato 2021, Teatine Hills

Italy | 12.5% ​​| 4g/L | $16.55★★★1/2 | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 13320871

An Italian rosé made from the Montepulciano grape, the king of Abruzzo, which gives this rosé an olfactory palette quite different from classic French rosés, herbaceous notes mingling with aromas of citrus (grapefruit) and cranberry. Beautiful structure on the palate with a lively finish enhanced by a hint of bitterness. Ideal with charcuterie.

Italy | 12.5% ​​| 1.8g/L | $17.45★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 12818361

The skins of the Nero d'Avola and the Syrah that make up this wine in equal parts spend only a few hours in contact with the must, hence the very pale color of the 2021. The flavors are just as delicate, floral and lemony with a hint of cherry, highlighted by a healthy bitterness on the finish. Drink as an aperitif, with a plate of prosciutto and melon.

Spain | 12.5% ​​| 1g/L | $19.90★★1/2 | $$

Code SAQ : 14453730

For the first time, this rosé produced by this old Spanish house caught our eye. Admittedly chubby and enticing with its aromas of ripe fruit and cotton candy, this blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha Tintora and Verdejo leaves an impression of freshness which contributes to raising its drinkability index. If you like fuller rosés, you'll love it.

Spain | 13.5% | 1.8g/L | $19.05★★★1/2 | $$

Code SAQ : 14205226 

This important Rioja house is located a stone's throw from the Basque Country. If the red wines of Muga often impose themselves by their power, their rosé plays in a completely different repertoire. That said, the garnacha tintorera (alicante bouschet) gives it a noteworthy hold and a gastronomic bitterness, while the viura adds fat and freshness. A lovely bottle to serve with paella or grilled chorizo.

Canada | 12 % | 5,9 g/L | 17,65 $★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 13747891

This Niagara wine has become a summer classic for lovers of juicy, gourmet and alluring rosé. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Gamay, rounded off with a slight residue of sugar, balanced by a fresh acidity. With piri-piri chicken, it's a perfect match!

Canada | 12 % | 3,6 g/L | 19,95 $★★1/2 | $$

Code SAQ : 14483189 

Once the initial smells of sulfur have “evaporated”, this Okanagan rosé offers a nice bouquet of citrus fruits and wild strawberries. The whole remains rather simple, but the wine is dry and we detect the fruity flavors of Gamay and Pinot Noir. Convenient for a picnic with its screw cap.

Argentina | 13% | <1.2g/L – Organic | $16.00★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 13964503

The Argentinian vineyard of François Lurton extends at the foot of the Andes mountain range, on rocky volcanic soils (black stone), which give its name to the estate. In addition to a Pinot Gris vinified in white and sold for ten years at the SAQ, he also produces this good rosé that is completely dry and moderately aromatic, but has a nice saline finish.

Austria | 10.5% | 8.8 g/L – Biodynamic | $18.75★★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 14651824

Meinklang quickly became a must at the SAQ for lovers of natural wines. We understand why when we taste this deliciously fresh and fruity sparkling rosé, organic and sold for under $20. A blend of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Saint-Laurent, fermented in closed vats, like Prosecco. Simple, but really charming; tonic, balanced and endowed with a certain hold. The perfect aperitif for hot days.

Spain | 11.5% | 9.3 g/L – Organic | $17.95★★1/2 | $1/2

Code SAQ : 12888043

Much like the common cava (the one with the lime green capsule), the rosé from the Cusiné family is quite easy to like, albeit unassuming. A lively and greedy palate, where notes of fruit, undergrowth, toast and yeast emerge. Good balance.

Spain | 12% | 9.9g/L | $23.85★★★★ | $$1/2

Code SAQ : 12276848

This cava produced by a family house in the southwest of Barcelona is made from 100% Pinot Noir, part of the skins of which are left to macerate with the must, hence its dark pink color. The palate is fresh and offers such good hold that you can barely feel the dosage at nearly 10 g/L. A crunchy sparkling wine, with lots of character. Take out the charcuterie and other tapas, then enjoy.

United States | 12% | 9.3g/L | $33★★★ | $$$

Code SAQ : 11565007 

Chandon California rosé stands out with its nose of red fruits and abundant mousse. Rather fine bubbles, an ample, nourished and pleasant mouth. A nice pairing for squid and fried clams.

Hungary | 11.5% | 15g/L | $13.90★★1/2 | $

Code SAQ : 12397130

Do you have a wedding or other major celebration planned this summer? You will hardly find better value for money than this Hungarian sparkling wine, made from pinot noir (70%) and kékfrancos (blaufränkisch). Original and gourmet, bursting with flavors of red fruits, with slight notes of dill on the finish. A bit flattering with its 15 g/L dosage, but at this price, we can't fault it.

France | 11,5 % | 4,6 g/L | 12,25 $ (750 ml) 41,75 $ (3 L)★★ | $

Code SAQ : 270272

Code SAQ : 13946225

A simple and effective rosé, perhaps a little too discreet on the nose, with a nice roundness in the mouth. Ideal in its 3 liter format for receptions or to always have fresh rosé at hand in the fridge.

France | 12% | < 1.2g/L | Organic | $16.95 (750ml) $53.25 (3L)★★★ | $1/2

Code SAQ : 11372766

Code SAQ : 13731371

Organic and a notch above Listel in terms of quality, the popular rosé from Maison Jeanjean has also been offered in a 3-litre "vinier" for a few years. Pretty nose punctuated with floral notes (roses, peonies); light and fine on the palate with a citrus finish.