The CAQ is getting a nice ad

" Hello ma'am ! You have been chosen to appear in a CAQ advertisement.

The CAQ is getting a nice ad

" Hello ma'am ! You have been chosen to appear in a CAQ advertisement. Are you tempted?

“Oh my sweet Lord! Why me ?

— Because we find that you perfectly represent the average Quebecer, the one who votes for François Legault.

- Ah, that's good, because that's exactly what I did!

— Good, so much the better... What do you like so much about Monsieur Legault?

— Oh, everything. I love everything.

- Good ... But still?

"What else?"

— What particularly thrills you about Mr. Legault?

"As I said earlier, everything!"

But if there was one character trait to stand out, what would it be?

- The franchise!

"Do you find him frank?"

- Yes !

"Why do you find him frank?"

"Because he speaks frankly!"

- Why do you say that ?

- We feel that he is frank!

- That's to say... ?

"He says what he thinks!"

"That's good... And what does he think?"

- What he says !

"He means what he says?"

- Yes ! And he says what he thinks!

- Good ...

"That's it, being honest! This is speaking frankly! When you hear François Legault speak, you know that it is François Legault who speaks, and no one else!

"And do you think he's doing a good job as prime minister?"

"I couldn't have done better!"

"Do you think he runs Quebec well?"

"He's doing his best!"

"And that's enough for you?"

- With the virus and all that stuff, sure! Could you have known that someone would eat a bat in Thailand? No one could predict that! Not even Martin Picard, who nevertheless eats all kinds of bugs!

"And the people who say the government could have handled the crisis better?"

"They're just jealous!

— On a score of 5, how much would you give him?

- Ten out of ten ! François Legault is my man! He does what he can!

"And his idea of ​​wresting new powers from Ottawa, what do you think?"

— That’s a great idea, it was about time someone thought of that!

And if Ottawa refuse?

- At least he will have tried!

— If Ottawa refuses to grant new powers to Quebec, what should we do?

"What do you want us to do?"

"Some say it would prove that we have no place in Canada and that we should separate...

"No, no, no, that craziness is over!" If we were separated, would that have protected us from the virus? Pantoute! There would have been plenty of such deaths in CLSCs!

— So what do we do, if Ottawa says no?

— On continue !

"What are we still doing?"

- To do as we do there! As we have always done!

"So we're not changing anything?"

- No, we change nothing! We continue with François Legault because he is honest, he is frank and he works for Quebec!

— Perfect, madam... I think it's clear, you are the speaker we need for our commercials! Would you be free tomorrow for the shoot?

- If it can help Mr. Legault, yes! That's my man ! He reminds me of my brother Roland, who left too soon...

- Great... Uh. One last question: do you have a blue hat? »

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