The CGT Strike Committee will meet with Renfe this Thursday to address their demands


The CGT Strike Committee will meet with Renfe this Thursday to address their demands


The CGT Strike Committee will meet this Thursday, November 10, with Renfe to "try to reach an understanding of the demands" of the anarcho-syndicalist organization, it has reported in a statement.

CGT will attend this meeting with the intention of achieving the disappearance of the income categories and double salary scales, a linear salary increase linked to the real CPI, the regulation of the 35-hour day accumulated in full days, higher hiring rates in the different groups, recovery of circulations lost in the pandemic, as well as their adaptation to current demand and stopping the closure of ticket offices operated by Renfe, among other issues.

The organization recalls in its statement that these reasons represent more than 10% of the company and hope that "Renfe will cease its continuous disregard" of the union and the workers it represents.

CGT organized a first day of strike this Monday, which, according to its data, had the participation of 87% of the workers who did not have the obligation to perform any minimum service, within the 75% marked by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Calendar.

The organization acknowledges in its statement that it is "fully aware" that Renfe is a public company dedicated to the transport of passengers and goods, so the mobilizations "may have an impact on the day-to-day life of users."

"We are open to dialogue and trying to reach an agreement to try to minimize the repercussions that our union activity could have," the statement added.

CGT also regrets the exclusion of trade union organizations from the Company Committee in the negotiation of the III Agreement, in which Renfe, CCOO, UGT and the Spanish Union of Railway Drivers (Semaf) participated.

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