The CNMC approves the remuneration of gas transportation activities and access tolls for 2024

MADRID, 5 Jun.

The CNMC approves the remuneration of gas transportation activities and access tolls for 2024


The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has approved two resolutions establishing the remuneration for regasification, transportation and distribution activities and gas access tolls for 2024, as reported by the agency on Monday.

Remuneration is reduced in 2024 by 99 million euros compared to 2023 due to "the decreasing path of remuneration of a transitory nature" due to the impact of the amortization of assets for transportation and regasification activities and, despite the increase in the price of operating gas, explained Competition.

Additionally, the organization has updated the remuneration for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 with the latest information available, which implies a higher cost of 12, 55 and 88 million euros for said years, respectively.

The CNMC has specified that these deviations are due to the cost of electricity supply and acquisitions of operating gas, higher than expected, partially offset by the reduction in remuneration for the development of the distribution market as demand contracted.

With regard to tolls, the CNMC recalls that the variations in the tolls of the different activities are a consequence of the variation in the remuneration for transmission, distribution and regasification and the variation in the demand scenario forecast for the year.

In this sense, it is estimated that the demand for natural gas will decrease with respect to the forecast for the end of the 2023 financial year due to the lower demand expected from electricity generation plants, partially offset by the greater demand from domestic and industrial consumers.

Regarding the remuneration to be allocated in the gas year 2024 for the calculation of the tolls, from which the premiums generated in the capacity auctions are subtracted, this value is lower than that of the year 2023 for regasification and distribution and slightly higher for transport .

The joint impact of the variation in tolls for regasification, transport and local networks represents a reduction, in terms of average billing, of 13.27%, although the impact on each tariff group differs, the Competition has specified.