The fall of a man who was thought to be respectable

"A man can't be prevented," said Albert Camus' father.

The fall of a man who was thought to be respectable

"A man can't be prevented," said Albert Camus' father.

It doesn't leave the way open to all his desires, to all his fantasies, to everything that happens between his two ears when his reason turns off the lights and goes to bed.

Well, André Boisclair didn't stop himself.

Despite all he had to lose.

On the contrary, he opened the floodgates and let himself go.


André Boisclair, who went to prison on Monday, did he have the same behavior when he was Minister of the Environment? Leader of the PQ? We do not know.

All that is known is that he was relieved of his duties as delegate in New York in September 2013 following an internal investigation into his erratic behavior.

Sources who confided in our Bureau of Investigation at the time spoke of drug use and the presence of young people in the official residence.

In short, the guy seemed to be on the party.

Despite the importance of the position he occupied.

It always amazes me, that.

People who are ready to risk everything, their reputation, their future, their job, some even their couple and their family, for trips.

It's like turning into a werewolf. One minute you're a respectable person in every way, the next minute you're a beast.

A rapist, an attacker.

Look at Frenchman Nicolas Hulot.

The guy was practically seen as a saint.

Producer, host, writer, environmental activist, Minister of Energy Transition under Macron, handsome, handsome, values ​​in the right place.

A hero of the left.

However, according to many women who have spoken publicly, the man is a serial rapist.

Nothing has been proven yet, but investigations are ongoing.


In Shivers (Shivers), his first horror feature film which he shot on L'Île-des-Sœurs, Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg shows what would happen if, overnight, our bodies did not more than his head.

If our libido took control of our lives.

If all human beings suddenly started losing control of their sexual instincts.

If, to use the words of Camus' father, no man could henceforth "stop himself".

Well, that would be a mess, anarchy.

The equivalent of a zombie movie.

Society would literally collapse.

Fortunately, in the minds of most men and women, there is something called the "superego" (consciousness, reason), which exercises some control over our unconscious.

When the sexual instinct panics, the alarm goes off automatically and the "superego" starts the sprinklers that extinguish the flame of desire.

However, with aggressors like André Boisclair, the “sprinklers” do not work.

When the libido overheats, the whole consciousness catches fire and there is nothing left to put out the fire.

You have to satisfy your desire.

It seems to me that if you feel that in you, you consult, right?

Are you trying to "fix" yourself?

To protect you and others?

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