The Government creates the Table of Fisheries Science

MADRID, 24 Nov.

The Government creates the Table of Fisheries Science


The Government has created the Fisheries Science Board, attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as published this Thursday by the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The purpose of the Board will be to debate and advise on scientific and technological aspects to the bodies that hold its presidency on public policies related to fishing, as well as to serve as a vehicle for the participation of civil society.

The advisory and debate functions of the Board include: promoting dialogue between the sector, science, civil society and Administrations, favoring a permanent dialogue and presenting the main results of the evaluations and scientific work coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, on which decisions on fishing policy are based, especially regarding TAC and quotas.

Added to these are giving sufficient visibility and relevance to the projects and lines of research in fisheries and marine sciences, coordinated, promoted or financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation or by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, also facilitating synergies and interaction of all stakeholders, in the design and development of these, thus seeking the necessary involvement of all of them.

The Table will also promote the international leadership of the Spanish scientific community dedicated to the study of marine living resources and their sustainability, especially in relation to supranational advisory institutions or organizations of interest to the Spanish fishing sector.

Likewise, it will discuss solutions to the challenges faced by the fishing and scientific and innovation sectors, not only with regard to the situation of fishing resources but also in relation to the social and economic sustainability of the activity. fishery.

The investigation of fishing resources and their management in Spain is especially important given the outstanding specific weight of the Spanish fishing sector within the European Union and in the world, as well as sustainable fishing management through a comprehensive and balanced approach to achieve Maximum Performance. Sustainable use of fisheries, with the perspective of achieving a sustainable exploitation of fishing resources.

Consequently, although it is unquestionable that science and fishing have been advancing together in Spain for many years, the Government considers it necessary to take an additional step in this regard with the constitution of the Fisheries Science Roundtable, which is configured as a working group of an inter-ministerial nature, co-chaired by the General Secretariat for Fisheries and the General Secretariat for Research, and in which the scientific and technological community, the fishing sector, civil society and the autonomous communities will be represented.