The great motivational talents of St-Louis

If you have any problems or need a friend, call Martin St-Louis.

The great motivational talents of St-Louis

If you have any problems or need a friend, call Martin St-Louis. If one day the head coach of the Canadian wishes to redirect his career, he could very well undertake one of motivational speaker and be inspired by the slogan of the Intrepid.

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Nothing is going well with the Canadian. Saturday night, when the St. Louis Blues visit the Bell Center, the Montreal team will try to avoid the affront of an eighth straight loss. A streak that the Canadian has not gone through since his nine consecutive losses suffered in regular time from April 9 to 24, 2022.

During the current drought, which began on December 21 with an overtime loss to Colorado, the Habs have allowed 36 goals, including 13 on their 25 penalty kills (48%). Conversely, he only scored 12. Four of them, out of 20 attempts, were the work of the massive attack.

Coach keeps calm

We may talk about a period of reconstruction and say that it is a return to normal for the Canadiens who should have had a hard time starting on day one of the season, several head coaches are currently tearing their hair out. Martin St-Louis, for his part, manages to keep his composure.

"You don't just have to focus on where you are and why you got there. You also have to think about what you have to do to get out of it, ”he said after training.

“[The last trip] was a good experience for me. I took a step back and watched our games,” he continued.

From experience, St-Louis possibly refers to the time the pot began to boil during the trip. In Nashville, after rigorous training, he said "patience also has an expiration date."

Players to guide

In addition, you have to be a goddamn good speaker to convince your players that a first period during which your first shot came at the very end of the engagement was a good period.

To the defense of St. Louis, it must be said that the Habs returned to the locker room after 20 minutes without giving up a goal to the Rangers. In each of the last four games of the trip, he had given up at least two, even allowing the Panthers and Predators three.

“You need a plan to get out of here. You have to guide the players. Against Rangers, I was happy with what we attacked. We have to keep working on our defensive zone and the rest will come," he said the day after the 4-1 loss.

"When are we going to be able to turn the tide? I do not know. But if we focus on how to get there rather than saying to ourselves: “We have to win, we have to win, we have to win”, we will get there more easily. »

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