The great rosé signed Pibarnon

We think that rosé should only be drunk in summer, when it's hot, by the pool.

The great rosé signed Pibarnon

We think that rosé should only be drunk in summer, when it's hot, by the pool. This is a huge mistake. Especially when it comes to Bandol.

With its vines plunging into the Mediterranean, Bandol is one of the most beautiful regions of Provence. Historically, the reds (the best in the South of France) represented the most important production of this small, sunny appellation, bathed in sea breezes and blown by the Mistral. The fashion for rosé has (unfortunately) pushed winegrowers to make their production pink. But let's not sulk our pleasure. Bandol rosés are among the best. They have a density, structure and fruity opulence that is rarely found elsewhere. The best ones have an astonishing aging potential. This also explains their higher price than other rosés.

Pibarnon is one of the most beautiful properties in Bandol. Located at an altitude of nearly 300m on the limestone terroirs of La Cadière-d'Azur, it offers a spectacular view of the vineyard. Created in 1978 by Henri de Saint-Victor, the château is now run by his son Éric, who has taken the quality of the wines to a higher level. The estate continues to produce very high quality reds (a 1998 tasted last year was magnificent) and the rosé has gained enormous depth.

The 2021, fresh off the shelves of the SAQ, confirms this. A dominant of Mourvèdre complemented by Cinsault which offers enticing scents of melon, peach, strawberry, bay leaf, lavender and rubbed pebbles. In the mouth, the magic happens with a texture that is oily, full and airy at the same time. It is juicy while being finely structured. Sustained finish with bright fruit. Already enjoyable and without having the profile of rosés for laying down (which are usually more vinous), it can sleep peacefully for 5-6 years in your reserve without getting tired. Available in small quantities.

Château de Pibarnon rosé 2021, Bandol, France $44.00 - SAQ code 13670118 – 13.5% - 1.3 g/L – Organic

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