The heart and soul of the Cataracts

You can make the numbers say what you want, except that some don't lie.

The heart and soul of the Cataracts

You can make the numbers say what you want, except that some don't lie.

In this category: the record of the Shawinigan Cataractes with and without Mavrik Bourque in their lineup, this season.

Shawinigan went 25-5-1 in the regular season when their captain was in the lineup, then added seven wins in eight playoff games so far.

Conversely, their record without Bourque in the regular season: 15-19-3.

If you're good at mental math, you'll understand that the Dallas Stars' first-round pick has missed a total of 37 of his team's 68 games due to various injuries.

"Day and night," Cataractes head coach Daniel Renaud says when asked about his team's record with and without Bourque this season.

In the 31 games he played, Bourque scored a total of 68 points, an average of 2.2 points per game. By way of comparison, the leading scorer in the regular season, Joshua Roy of the Sherbrooke Phœnix, averaged 1.80 points per game.


For Bourque, the 2021-2022 season will have been filled with very high facts, but also very low ones. Between his good performance at the Dallas Stars camp, which allowed him to play five preseason games, and his selection with the Canadian team for the World Juniors, the rest was an eternal restart due to the bad luck that followed. is hard on him.

"It was still mentally taxing," he admitted in an interview with Le Journal Wednesday morning at the Videotron Center. At one point, I had to stay home because it was eating up too much of my juice to watch the games in the stands. Yes, you see the game from another perspective, but at some point, enough is enough. At least what I could control, I did well. »

What he could control was his game on the ice.

“Beyond the stats, I felt really good on the ice. I improved my skating and my throw. For the few games I have played, it has been my best junior season by far. »


Obviously, having a player who makes more than two points per game on average helps win hockey games. However, Bourque didn't just have an impact on the scoresheet in the 31 games he played.

"For us, internally, his contribution is just as important in the locker room as on the ice," said Daniel Renaud. He is a guy who has experienced international competitions and who has played in the American Hockey League. He is an excellent captain who pushes everyone to excel. The two best captains I've had the chance to lead in my career are Jakob Pelletier and him, by far. »

In terms of personality, Pelletier and Bourque are diametrically opposed. If Pelletier was a vocal and energetic leader, Bourque stands out more as a quiet force, explains the head coach.

"He doesn't talk a lot, but he won't hesitate to do so when the opportunity arises and it has a huge impact. »


The native of Plessisville knows that he is on his last miles in the QMJHL since he will make the leap to the professionals next year.

But no question of seeing too far. For now, he has only one goal in mind and that is to finish in style.

"That's the watchword: I want to win before I finish my junior internship. Despite everything, I try to enjoy it as much as possible because it goes fast. »

Bourque and the Cataractes tied the game in their semi-final series against the Remparts on Thursday night. The third game of the series will take place Sunday afternoon at the Gervais-Auto center in Shawinigan.