The Ibex 35 recovers 0.5% in the half session and stands above 9,000 integers

MADRID, 14 Mar.

The Ibex 35 recovers 0.5% in the half session and stands above 9,000 integers


The Ibex 35 traded in the mid-session with a rise of 0.56%, which brought it to stand at 9,009.3 integers, after the turbulence in the United States due to the situation of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and in a session marked by the publication of new inflation data in the United States.

Banking, which yesterday showed strong corrections due to the situation on the other side of the Atlantic, today moderated its falls. Thus, Banco Sabadell fell 0.96%; Unicaja Banco, 0.84%; Santander, 0.79%; BBVA, 43%; and Bankinter, 0.07%. CaixaBank, for its part, registered an advance of 0.83%, while the 'red lantern' was Mapfre, with a decrease of 1.63%.

Renta 4 considers that the "punishment" suffered yesterday by the financial sector on the Stock Market was "excessive". "What happened with SVB cannot be extrapolated to Spanish banking, which is much more diversified by sectors (not concentrated in technology startups such as the American one) and by depositors (not as concentrated as SVB, with an average deposit of 5 million euros). dollars), with high liquidity and a business model that is not so dependent on investing in assets with strong latent losses due to the rapid and intense rise in rates by central banks", the entity's analysts highlight.

On the positive side, the biggest increases in the half session within the Ibex 35 were recorded by Merlin (2.91%), Colonial (2.84%), Naturgy (2.48%), Endesa (2.328) and Aena (1 .95%).

On the other hand, the market will be awaiting the CPI data for February in the United States. The general rate is expected to moderate to 6% and the core rate to 5.5%, although the level reached by service inflation will be relevant.

The rest of the European stock markets were trading on the rise, with a revaluation of 0.46% in Frankfurt, 0.10% in Paris and 0.08% in Milan. Only London fell 0.18%.

The price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, stood at 79.04 dollars, with a decrease of 2.14%, while Texas was trading at 72.90 dollars, 2.54%. less.

In the foreign exchange market, the price of the euro against the dollar stood at 1.0722 'green tickets', while in the debt market, the interest required on the ten-year bond fell to 3.429% and the risk premium it stood at 111 basis points.