The Ibex 35 remains in 'red' in the half session, but resists at the level of 9,200 integers

MADRID, 18 Ago.

The Ibex 35 remains in 'red' in the half session, but resists at the level of 9,200 integers


The Ibex 35 traded with a fall of 0.3% in the half session, which led it to stand at 9,237.8 integers, still holding out at this level, although far from the 9,300 points it lost yesterday.

The selective has started the day looking towards China and Japan, with the Asian stock markets in negative after learning that the Chinese real estate company Evergrande, beset by problems for years, has declared bankruptcy in the United States. This, together with the problems of another large Chinese developer, Country Garden, is raising doubts about the country's economy given the weakness of its real estate sector.

In addition, today the CPI of Japan for the month of July was released, which reflected a moderation in its interannual rate to 3.1%, but a rise in core inflation of one tenth, to 4.3%, maximums since 1981.

In Europe, the year-on-year inflation rate in the euro area fell two tenths in July compared to the previous month, thus reaching 5.3%, which represents the lowest increase in prices since January 2022, according to the second estimate. from Eurostat, which it maintains. However, the underlying rate held steady at 5.5%.

In this way, a large part of the Ibex 35 values ​​were trading negative, highlighting IAG (-2.02%), ArcelorMittal (-1.80%), Aena (-1.54%), Merlin Properties (-1, 43%), Grifols (-1.40%) and Bankinter (-1.26%).

At the other extreme, the steepest rises were recorded by Acciona Energía (1.82%), Solaria (1.59%), Redeia (1.00%), Iberdrola (0.90%) and Acciona (0.80 %).

Like the Ibex 35, the main European stock markets were also trading negative: Paris lost 0.90%; London, 0.83%; Milan, 0.80%; and Frankfurt, 0.74%.

In the half session of the stock market, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, fell 0.40% to 83.78 dollars, while Texas stood at 80.18 dollars, a 0.26% less.

In the foreign exchange market, the price of the euro against the dollar remained at around 1.0869 'greenbacks', while in the debt market the interest demanded on the 10-year Spanish bond relaxed to 3.652% and the risk premium remained at 105 basis points.