The Ibex closes the first trading day of 2023 with a rise of 1.71%, to close to 8,370 points

MADRID, 2 Ene.

The Ibex closes the first trading day of 2023 with a rise of 1.71%, to close to 8,370 points


The Ibex 35 has closed the first trading day of 2023 on the right foot: a rise of 1.71% that has placed it at 8,369.70 points, after a session that has been on the uptrend since its inception.

The index began this Monday standing at 8,297.2 points after the bell, compared to the 8,229.1 integers at which 2022 closed last Friday. During the first hour of trading, it registered a significant advance, reaching close to 8,360 points, which it subsequently lost and recovered during the rest of the session.

On this first day of the year, only three stocks have closed in 'red': Fluidra, with a fall of 1.03%; Acciona Energías Renovables, with 0.44%, and Mapfre, which has yielded 0.17%. Instead, the main winners have been Grifols, with an advance of 4.22%; Inditex, with 3.02%; ArcerlorMittal, with 2.99%, and Acerinox, with 2.92%.

On Monday morning, marked by the closing of the markets in the United States, data from the PMI index was released, according to which factories in the eurozone stopped the slowdown in their production in December, including Spain.

Regarding the rest of the European markets, the DAX index (Frankfurt) has closed with an increase of 1.05%, while the CAC40 (Paris) has advanced 1.87%, and the FTSE MIB, of Milan, has risen 0.96%.

As for raw materials, the barrel of Brent and West Texas Intermediate have not registered changes as the Stock Exchanges on which they are traded are closed. However, European natural gas futures contracts, traded on the Dutch TTF platform, have reached 81.15 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), 6.34% more.

During the session, the euro has lost some strength against the dollar, so that each euro was exchanged for 1.0660 'green tickets' after 6:00 p.m., compared to the change of 1.0699 observed at first hour.

The Spanish risk premium fell by 1.4 basis points compared to Friday, reaching 107.1 integers.

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