The Ibex rebounds 2.23% in full hangover of the SVB and already aims to recover 9,200 points

MADRID, 14 Mar.

The Ibex rebounds 2.23% in full hangover of the SVB and already aims to recover 9,200 points


The Ibex 35 has rebounded 2.23% this Tuesday driven by the good inflation data in the US, still in full hangover from the resolution of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, so that it has reached 9,159 points, with practically all the values ​​registering positive evolutions.

The selective of the Spanish stock markets and markets has experienced a clearly upward trend during this day. Specifically, at the opening it registered flat growth, which became 0.5% during the mid-session.

Meliá was the value that registered the greatest growth this Tuesday, advancing 4.65%. It is followed by Banco Sabadell (4.50%), which was the entity hardest hit on Monday after the resolution of the US entities. In third place was CaixaBank (4.50%) and behind Indra (3.49%), BBVA (3.42%) and Amadeus (3.21%).

With respect to the rest of the listed banks, Santander has risen by 3.03%, while Bankinter has done so by 3.02%. Unicaja Banco has experienced the most timid evolution, rebounding by 2.06%.

Enagás has been the only value that has fallen this Tuesday, 0.06%. Regarding the companies that have closed in 'green', the smallest increases have been for Telefónica (0.03%), Red Eléctrica (0.10%) and Mapfre (0.42%).

Renta 4 considers that the "punishment" suffered yesterday by the financial sector on the Stock Market was "excessive". "What happened with SVB cannot be extrapolated to Spanish banking, which is much more diversified by sectors (not concentrated in technology startups such as the American one) and by depositors (not as concentrated as SVB, with an average deposit of 5 million euros). dollars), with high liquidity and a business model that is not so dependent on investing in assets with strong latent losses due to the rapid and intense rise in rates by central banks", the entity's analysts highlight.

The rise of the Ibex has also taken place after investors counted on the United States inflation reference. This Tuesday, the Labor Statistics Office of the country's Department of Labor reported that the consumer price index (CPI) rose 6% in February, four tenths less than in January.

Compared to the rest of the major European markets, the German DAX has risen 1.83%, while the French CAC 40 has advanced 1.86% and the Italian FTSE MIB has risen 2.36%. In this way, the Euro Stoxx 50 has advanced 2.02% and the British FTSE 100 has advanced 1.17%.

The barrel of Brent has experienced a decrease of 2.28%, to 78.94 dollars, while the West Texas Intermediate has been located at 72.96 dollars, 2.45% less.

The yield of the Spanish bond with a maturity of 10 years has experienced a rise this Tuesday, reaching 3.484%, compared to 3.367% at which it closed on Monday. Thus, the risk premium has fallen 4.4 points, to 106.4 basis points.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro has depreciated by 0.05% against the dollar, reaching 1.0728 dollars for each euro.