The IEAF renews its corporate image and changes its brand to the Spanish Institute of Analysts

MADRID, 12 Dic.

The IEAF renews its corporate image and changes its brand to the Spanish Institute of Analysts


The Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) has renewed its corporate image and has changed its brand to the Spanish Institute of Analysts, a new name with which it "extends its coverage by opening up to new analysis formats and integrating other analyst profiles".

The president of the Spanish Institute of Analysts, Lola Solana, explained in a meeting with the media that they want to change both inside, with different objectives for this new phase, and outside, with this new corporate image.

"We want to become a benchmark, reach a broader 'target', attract young people, be more inclusive. Reach more analysts because the world has changed, analysis has changed", Solana pointed out.

The new logo, which has been designed by the Tango agency, goes from the use of an acronym to a full name, with a new typography. The change in the corporate image is accompanied by the renewal of the website and social networks, which follow the same aesthetic lines as the logo.

Solana has pointed out that the IEAF acronym was even difficult to pronounce. Now, the new logo includes a compass, which they intend to make it "as recognizable as the flame of Banco Santander or the star of CaixaBank".

The Institute has also eliminated the word "financial" from its name, although, as Solana has pointed out, "no one doubts" that they are financial, at the same time that it has included "since 1965", to highlight its trajectory.

"The world has changed and now there are many types of analysis", he highlighted in reference to new technologies such as blockchain or environmental, social and good governance (ESG) criteria.

The president of the Institute has added that they are proposing a change of venue and they want it to become a meeting point for all the associates.

The Fundación Estudios Financieros, the FEF School and Lighthouse, the three entities that make up the Spanish Institute of Analysts, have also modified their corporate image by adopting the new typography.

This change is part of the new plan that the institution is developing for this new stage and which is based on "excellence, innovation, inclusion and young talent".

Likewise, the Institute is focused on developing initiatives to deepen diversity, with the aim of increasing the number of women members from the current 200.

"The mentality has to change a bit, wanting to associate. We want them to see it as a support center," said Solana.