The king of fake news in Quebec!

Admit it's funny.

The king of fake news in Quebec!

Admit it's funny...

While the news media, journalists, intellectuals, politicians, in short, all the living forces of society are wondering how we could fight effectively against the fake news that threatens the health of our democracies, we are rolling out the red carpet to welcome with great fanfare the head of an institution who claims that the universe was created in seven days by a bearded man who lives in the clouds!

Am I the only one who finds this crunchy?


In order to equip viewers to better flush out and better combat fake news, Radio-Canada has created a web tool called “Fighting Misinformation”.

For example, it is said that whenever we see fake news circulating on social networks, we should immediately share a link directing Internet users to a serious and reliable article that denies and dismantles this fake news.

But which network is broadcasting the Pope's visit to Canada live?


Do you think that Radio-Canada will direct its viewers to "serious and reliable articles" each time His Holiness talks about the birth of Christ, the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, Paradise, the mystery of communion which transforms the bleeding wine and Mary the virgin who gave birth without having had sexual intercourse?

I do not think so.

Why ?

Because for our elites who constantly stress the importance of fighting tooth and nail against misinformation, religion is not really a hotbed of fake news.

These are beliefs...

And what is the difference between false information that deliberately misleads the population by pretending to be real information, and beliefs?

Uh... Well... Uh...

It's simple ! It's that... Uh...

Oh I found it!

When a conspirator says you don't need the vaccine to protect yourself from the virus, that's a mean spreader of misinformation who deserves to be called out and ridiculed!

But when an old gentleman with a long beard or a funny hat on his head says that you don't need a vaccine to protect yourself from a virus, because a prayer is enough, that's not a conspirator who should be ridiculed, but a believer who should be respected.

Do you understand the difference?

Neither do I.


All of this demonstrates to what extent our societies are hyper-indulgent towards religions.

All religions.

A hospital would never accept that one of its patients refuses a blood transfusion for political reasons.

But religious reasons?

Ah, there's nothing we can do... Let yourself bleed to death in one of our rooms, our doctors and nurses won't lift a finger.

Same inconsistency on the part of opponents of Law 21.

The government has the right to prohibit its officials from wearing a political badge or t-shirt.

But not a religious sign, because that goes against one of our fundamental freedoms!

One day, we will have to speak frankly about the place of religion in the public space...

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