The negotiating table for the banking agreement meets this Tuesday to address the rise in wages

MADRID, 27 Nov.

The negotiating table for the banking agreement meets this Tuesday to address the rise in wages


The negotiating committee of the collective banking agreement, where both the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) and the CCOO, UGT and FINE unions are present, will meet this Tuesday with the aim of reaching agreements on salary matters that help mitigate the effects of inflation on the staff of the entities, as reported by CCOO and FINE.

Last week, AEB, CCOO, UGT and FINE reported an agreement to convene the negotiating committee for the collective banking agreement, after several months of meetings at the sectorial Observatory.

Specifically, this observatory was convened last June and since then the banking employers' association and the unions have held various meetings to analyze the situation of the sector in the face of high inflation and try to find solutions that would allow it to be dealt with in the best way.

Finally, it has been agreed to reopen "for the first time in history" the current banking agreement to negotiate a salary review that "compensates" for the loss of purchasing power of the workforce due to high inflation, according to FINE. Thus, the negotiations will be carried out within the framework of the current collective agreement, which is valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023.

FINE has already advanced that it will demand "forceful extraordinary measures", including an extraordinary payment for all employees, not absorbable or compensable, to "mitigate" the loss of purchasing power in 2021, and a salary review clause for 2022 and 2023.

In addition, it will request an increase in the salary tables, an update of the amounts of allowances and expenses for teleworking, and a review of the conditions of employee loans before the rise in interest rates.

Currently, the banking collective agreement establishes a 1% salary increase in 2022 and another 1.25% in 2023. In addition, entities that obtain profit or distribute dividends in 2021, 2022 and 2023 will make a single payment out of tables of 0.25% in each of those years.

FINE has also recalled that this first session will coincide with the day of reflection on the trade union elections in the main entities attached to CECA, which will be held on November 30. The unions have also held talks with this employer to try to raise wages; in this case, no conclusion has yet been reached. The talks will resume after the elections, according to union sources told Europa Press.