The neighborhood with the highest profitability in Spain in the housing market is the Sevillian neighborhood of Torreblanca, with 12.6%, while the Historic Center of Malaga is the least profitable neighborhood with 1.6%, according to a study by Fotocasa on the prices of homes for sale and rent in March.

Thus, the profitability of the neighborhoods reflects “very positive and stable levels despite the great increase in the purchase and sale price,” explains the spokesperson and director of Studies, María Matos. During the first quarter of the year, the profitability remained at 6, 6%, a figure that has not changed in year-on-year rates since 2021.

Specifically, the most profitable neighborhoods are located in the areas of the cities with the most affordable square meter of purchase, in which the maximum rent increases the profit obtained.

In addition to Torreblanca, Seville (12.6%), among the most profitable neighborhoods are Pajarillos Bajos, Valladolid (9.1%); Cartuja, Granada (8.9%); Orcasur-October 12, Madrid (7.9%); Los Rosales, Madrid (7.6%); or Mariola, Lleida (7.6%), all of these located in the capitals of their respective provinces.

In the case of Torreblanca, its profitability has grown by 4.4% compared to the same period in 2023, while in Orcasur the profitability has fallen by 7.1% and in Los Rosales by 0.8%.

However, 85% of the neighborhoods analyzed have a profitability of less than 5%. Precisely, it is the largest cities that present the lowest returns by neighborhood, such as the Historic Center of Malaga (1.6%), Goya, Madrid (1.8%); Recoletos, Madrid (1.8%), Jerónimos, Madrid (1.9%) or Castellana, Madrid (2.0%).

Profitability has fallen in all these neighborhoods in an interannual rate, especially in the Historic Center of Málaga (-2.6%) and Jerónimos (-2%), followed by Goya (-1.5%) Recoletos (-1.1 %) and Castellana (-1%).

In Madrid capital, all the neighborhoods with a profitability above 5% are those with the cheapest prices (the value of the home is below 3,000 euros/m2), such as Orcasur, (7.9%); Los Rosales, Villaverde (7.6%) or Tres Olivos-Valverde (5.9%).

In Barcelona with a profitability above 5% they are the most economical in the city and they are: Sant Martí de Provençals (Sant Martí) with 7.6%, La Teixonera (Horta-Guinardó) with 6.5%, Sant Andreu de Palomar (Sant Andreu) with 5.0%, Hostafrancs (Sants – Montjuïc) with 5.0% and Provençals del Poblenou (Sant Martí) with 5.0%.

Among the least profitable neighborhoods of the regional city are those with the highest price per square meter both for sale and for rent, such as Vallcarca and els Penitents (Gràcia) with 2.6%, Sagrada Família (Eixample) with 2.7 % or Dreta de l’Eixample (Eixample) with 2.7%.