The new challenges of Marilou Morin

Marilou Morin begins a new chapter in her career as an actress this summer by reconnecting with the theater.

The new challenges of Marilou Morin

Marilou Morin begins a new chapter in her career as an actress this summer by reconnecting with the theater.

She will tread the boards of the Petit Théâtre du Nord in Boisbriand in Catherine Léger's creation Changer de vie.

"It's a great pleasure for me to be back on stage," she says in an interview. It's been a long time, because I've been very busy watching TV. »

Like the title of the piece, the actress is entering a new professional stage. She has just spent six years with the daily youth of Télé-Québec Cochon dingue which will not return to the antenna.

"It's a really big mourning," she admits. It was a candy show in which I played hundreds of characters. [...] It is a privilege to have participated. »

A clever comedy

Her new theatrical challenge has her "nervous, but mostly excited." The one who played in the series Another story "on ICI Télé, which also ended this year, explains that it was the director Sébastien Gauthier who contacted her. "It's rare to get offered a role," she says.

In this production, she plays a depressed young woman who reconnects with a childhood neighbor.

“My character is caught in the hell of social media, mentions the actress. She is afraid of disappearing and suffers from an incredible malaise. »

Marilou Morin shares the stage with Ariel Ifergan, Étienne Pilon and Mélanie St-Laurent. She explains that the play tells the existential quest of these four protagonists who are dissatisfied with their lives.

"It's a funny object that combines humor and the absurd, while bringing a lot of thought to our lives. At the beginning we have the reflex to laugh at the characters, but the more it progresses, the more we recognize ourselves in it. »

This production, which provokes questions, is not the archetype of light summer theatre. The actress also boasts the pen of Catherine Léger who signed the film adaptation of her play Baby-Sitter which has just hit the big screen.

“This show could easily be inserted into the programming of an institutional theater, believes Marilou Morin. It made me realize that I am a prisoner of my phone. It is an extension of myself. However, I am not the most present on social networks. I can't even imagine my 20 year old friends who must be slaves to this..."

Nothing in front

For the first time in a very long time, Marilou Morin has nothing on her schedule beyond this summer. However, that doesn't worry him.

"I'm especially excited not to know what will be done tomorrow," says the one who would like to reconnect more with the theater.

The mother of two boys thus makes the most of her family life.

"It's like I have a little joker in my pocket," she says. If I don't pass an audition, I go home and my kids are super happy to see me. For me, that's a strength. »

►Changer de vie is presented at the Petit Théâtre du Nord in Boisbriand from June 23 to August 27.

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