The open-air turn of several outfitters

If, in the past, Quebec outfitters first and foremost offered hunting and fishing activities, over time, many have developed a more family-friendly offer.

The open-air turn of several outfitters

If, in the past, Quebec outfitters first and foremost offered hunting and fishing activities, over time, many have developed a more family-friendly offer.

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Fishing and hunting are still on the agenda, but now many offer very different activities that may be suitable for families or single people or couples who want a different experience in the forest. I present to you today a good example with the outfitter of Lac Blanc.

“We decided to adapt to demand and provide people with what they are looking for, a different experience in the forest,” explains the outfitter’s sales manager, Daniel Grenier. Yes, fishing remains a star activity, especially in the spring. We understood that people wanted more. It is in this spirit that we have initiated the development of all our products. »

You have to understand that the next generation in the world of fishing does not see things the same way. Yes, there are young people who are pure and hard, but in many cases, fishing becomes one activity among many others during a stay. It was therefore necessary to create packages that met the expectations of all family members. So, if for the father or both parents it is a fishing trip, the youngest must find their account. It is in this spirit that many outfitters in Quebec have developed a more varied offer.


The case of the Lac Blanc outfitter is not unique, but representative of this new way of seeing things.

“We have chosen to set up activities that are very different from fishing. During their stay, people can do water activities from the beach in front of the hostel. They can swim, enjoy the sun, go pedalo, paddle board, kayak and rent a pontoon. Also, it is possible to rent side-by-side and travel on the course that was created on the outfitter. They can practice skeet shooting. »

The list of activities grows as we discuss it with Mr. Grenier.

"We can add to this list volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, modular games for children, hiking, biking, wildlife observation, not to mention the various activities on the Amerindian site. , including the famous shore lunch. Everything is thought out so that people who come to us can experience a complete stay and find the activity they want to do as a priority. »

The outfitter is open 12 months a year. In the fall and winter, it is possible to fish on the ice. Also, on the site, there is an aquatic center with an indoor pool, a spa, a sauna and an exercise room.

"Our goal has always been to adapt to today's reality, it is in this spirit that we have paved our access road and that we have installed charging stations for people who come to visit us with electric cars. For more information: 819 265-4242.


The turn taken by this outfitter reflects very well what is happening in the outfitting community in Quebec.

In many cases, even in the most remote places, there are games for children and opportunities for water activities with kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards and others. Fishing is and will always be available in Quebec outfitters, but now, in many cases, the offer is more complete. A friend of mine told me that he wanted to go striped bass fishing in Gaspésie and have his grown-up children with him. They wanted to go to the Gaspé, but not just to fish. So he made the compromise of explaining to them that fishing would only be one activity among many others. The young people immediately agreed to follow him. This example is one of what is happening for many fishing enthusiasts who would like to create a new generation.

To discover the outfitters that offer activities for the whole family, the best way to use is to go to the site You will discover a search engine that will allow you to find the outfitter you are looking for, according to your criteria, in the region you wish to visit. It is a tool that was developed by the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec. It will definitely make your job easier. On your vacation diary, consider adding a trip to an outfitter.

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