The PP asks in Congress to freeze the tolls of Galician highways in 2023

MADRID, 11 Dic.

The PP asks in Congress to freeze the tolls of Galician highways in 2023


The Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission will deliberate next Wednesday a non-legal proposal of the Popular Group so that the Government freezes the prices at the tolls of the Galician state highways AP-9 and AP-53 during 2023.

As explained by the 'popular' in the proposal, to which Europa Press has had access, the two routes mentioned are two of the most expensive in Spain in terms of tolls. This despite the bonuses implemented in the AP-9, since the AP-53 does not have any help.

At present, and even with the discounts implemented, the AP-9 has an average cost per kilometer of 6.12 cents. In the case of the AP-53, which connects Santiago with Ourense, it has the highest toll cost in Galicia and is in the 'top' of Spain, with an average 7.77 cents per kilometer.

In this context, the PP has warned that the prices of these tolls will continue to become more expensive in January, with the rise derived from the CPI if the Government does not adopt measures. "On January 1, the increase in tolls on both state highways in Galicia will be around 9%," explained the PP, which warns that this increase will be "the second largest increase in the historical series."

The PP has explained that Galician citizens will have to bear an increase of more than 8% in tolls on the AP-53 state motorway and almost 9% on the AP-9. In the latter, it will be necessary to add the 1% extra increase for compensation to Audasa for the highway expansion works, which the Executive authorized, according to what the 'populars' have pointed out.

With all this, the parliamentary group affirms that it is possible to limit toll increases by reaching agreements with the concessionaires. "The Government of Spain has the duty to do so on the state-owned motorways in Galicia", he concluded.