The PP says that Feijóo will carry out an audit if he governs because they already see "holes" with Sánchez like the ones left by Zapatero

Bravo criticizes that the Government does not report the level of execution of European funds and demands "transparency with the data".

The PP says that Feijóo will carry out an audit if he governs because they already see "holes" with Sánchez like the ones left by Zapatero

Bravo criticizes that the Government does not report the level of execution of European funds and demands "transparency with the data"


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will commission an audit of the public accounts if he arrives at the Moncloa Palace because the party is beginning to see the same "holes" left by former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, according to the deputy secretary of Economy of the party, Juan Bravo.

"It is necessary to know when we arrive what is really there. If we are not capable of making a good diagnosis, it will be difficult for us to give good solutions," Bravo declared in an interview with Europa Press.

The leader of the PP has indicated that they are already beginning to find "almost literal reproductions" of what happened with the Government of Mariano Rajoy when he won the elections at the end of 2011 in relation to the deficit and debt data. "We began to find the holes that Zapatero left at the time: the unpaid bills, the hidden deficit or the skyrocketing debt," he added.

Bravo has stressed that one of the measures defended by his party is the control of superfluous spending and has indicated that they must tell the Spanish "the truth of what the Sánchez government is going to leave", given that they are "indebting the Spanish in 200 million euros a day".

The head of the PP Economy has warned that Europe is "concerned" with three things: the deficit, the debt and employment. In the case of the deficit, he said that Spain has it "badly", while it is the EU country that "has increased its debt the most, 20 points" compared to the average of "nine-odd" for the rest of the countries Europeans.

For this reason, he has said that if the PP reaches Moncloa, it needs to know the data and prevent it from "using public money" again to carry out advertising campaigns that "are not real" such as those of the 'next generation' funds or to create a "mammoth structure of advisers". "The Spanish do not deserve with their tax effort to pay what they do not contribute," he emphasized.

The former Minister of Finance of the Junta de Andalucía has indicated that in the 2023 elections there are two possibilities: "governing from ideology" as, in his opinion, Pedro Sánchez is doing, or "governing from the data" as Feijóo claims.

In his opinion, a "good diagnosis" of the situation is achieved with this audit that allows the Spanish to say: "President Sánchez has left you a debt of so much and my commitment is, once I know all the specific data, to return to reality at this time, as Aznar did and as Rajoy did".

Bravo has assured that the Government has "used" the General State Budget for the next year "to be in a permanent electoral campaign." "I think that the whole world is seeing it," she stressed, adding that the Executive is announcing measures seeking to "look good with society but without telling it about the consequences."

"The debt must be paid. It is true that there are some from the Government who consider that the debts are not paid but reality has shown, and there we have Greece, that the debts are paid," he emphasized.

In addition, Bravo has criticized that the Government, which "boasts itself of ecological and energy transition policies", is not acting when Spain can "be a leader" with energy. "And that is going to make Spain miss a train and Spain does not deserve to miss the train," he proclaimed.

Bravo has criticized that Sánchez is thinking of his "partisan" interests to stay in power and has stressed that the Socialists would do "much better" if they cared "about Spain, not whether Sánchez is going to be president of the Government." "If they thought about Spain, possibly they would do better, but they are late because they have already done a lot of damage," he highlighted.

On the other hand, the person in charge of Economy of the PP has criticized the management of the European funds that the Executive has carried out and has recalled that he himself already warned in his day when he was a councilor in Andalusia that "the formula of the mechanisms of the next generation it was not going to work". "They criticized me, they attacked me and time shows that what we were proposing was real", he has stated.

Bravo has indicated that the PP does not have data on the money that has been executed and "that is the problem." As he added, the General Intervention of the State Administration reported in August 2021 that a total of 104 million euros had been executed, something that caused "deep alarm" due to the low execution. However, he has regretted that since then these data have not "come out again."

In addition, he has criticized that the Next Generation Coordination Commission has not met since August 2021 and that the CoFFEE platform - a management information system for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) - is not in march when it should have been since last year.

The PP's deputy secretary of Economy has stressed that the PP has been publicly demanding explanations from the Government for months, as well as "transparency with the data". "But this Government continues without giving them", he has complained, to criticize that the Executive "rolls all the ways" that the opposition can use to obtain information about the funds.

In that case, he has said that what his party is doing is "raising its voice" and has shown its willingness to sit down with the Government so that they "correct" the management problems, so that the money reaches the families.

It is, he continued, that this "does not become another plan E for Zapatero, in this case a plan E for Sánchez, but rather that it becomes a transforming element of the economic policies of this country" when 160,000 are available million, to which must be added the structural funds.

"We are losing opportunities and we are satisfied with growing by 0.2%," lamented Bravo, to conclude that a government in the history of Spain has never had 200,000 million euros.

The leader of the PP has warned that there will be a visit by the president of the EU Budget Monitoring Commission and they trust that her visit will serve to offer answers to what the PP has been claiming because the Spanish cannot afford to lose the "opportunity" offered by the funds. As an example of what is happening, he has cited the "failure" of the Perte electric vehicle.