They reproach the PP for filing a complaint only to discredit Sánchez and intoxicate citizens


The PSOE considers that the complaint presented the day before by the PP against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez before the Conflict of Interest Office for the rescue of Air Europa is only an attempt to discredit the head of the Executive and intoxicate the citizens and He defends that his wife, Begoña Gómez, is neither a director, employee nor advisor of the airline.

The PP filed a complaint against Sánchez before this office for not inhibiting himself in the vote of the Council of Ministers that approved a million-dollar rescue for this company, “given the economic and professional ties” of his wife with Air Europa, according to the popular ones. .

According to socialist sources, Gómez has not been a director, nor an advisor, nor has she exercised administrative functions (she is not even an employee) of the company in question, and therefore, as they maintain, the article of the law cited by the PP in your complaint.

“Given the clarity of the rule, it is evident that this is a spurious instrumentalization of the Conflict of Interest Office for the interests of a political party,” they emphasize.

The PSOE considers that this is a new attempt to discredit the Government and accuses the PP of using an instance of the public administration to try to “confuse citizens, manipulate reality and play lies with the sole objective of attacking the president”.

Along the same lines, they point out that the PP knows that this matter has no legal background and therefore it is a “malicious use” of an “exemplary” institution such as the Conflict of Interest Office with the intention of “intoxicating public opinion.” public”.

“The rule is absolutely clear and determines that the obligation to abstain in the case of a family member requires that said family member occupy a management, advisory or administrative position in the company about which a decision is made, there is no obligation to do so in any way. another case”. As they point out, this is what article 11, letter f, of Law 3/2015 provides.

Furthermore, they point out that there is already a complaint from an anonymous citizen in terms similar to those reported by the PP “and it has not been admitted as it has absolutely no legal basis.” They also indicate that the PP presents this complaint “knowing that the law was strictly complied with” and consider that if it were transferred to Justice they could end up condemning the ‘popular’ for “bad faith.” “It is a waste of time and resources of a public institution,” they emphasize.

The accusations against Begoña Gómez are based on various media reports that indicate that Sánchez’s wife held meetings with officials of the airline on the same dates on which the public rescue was approved.

In this regard, sources from the PSOE leadership point out that this information “remains at the door” of the meetings and does not reveal what was discussed inside, which in their opinion is the key. Therefore, they consider that there is no evidence to support that there was irregular behavior and they explain the meetings because at that time there was sponsorship from the company to an academic institute that Gómez presided at that time.