The Sedin brothers inseparable from start to finish

Daniel and Henrik Sedin seem destined to do everything together.

The Sedin brothers inseparable from start to finish

Daniel and Henrik Sedin seem destined to do everything together. On Monday, the twin brothers shared yet another moment in their lives, as they received the call from the Hockey Hall of Fame to jointly be part of the 2022 induction class.

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Besides a short six-minute period, in which Daniel came into the world before his brother Henrik, in 1980, the Swedes made their way side by side. The eldest heard his name being called by the Vancouver Canucks second overall in the 1999 draft, while the younger was selected with the next pick, also by the BC roster.

They spent their 17 National League campaigns together, all with the Canucks, they retired together and they saw their respective jerseys lifted to the heights of Rogers Arena together. On the ice, their complicity was unmatched, they each amassed a point on the same goal 743 times, the second highest total in the National League by a same pair, behind only the duo composed of Wayne Gretzky and Jari Kurri, which has united its efforts on 764 successes.

The Sedin attribute all this success, as well as their arrival in the Hall of Fame, to this long partnership.

"I don't think we would be here today if we hadn't played together for so long," said Henrik at a press conference on Tuesday, his remarks being picked up by the National League website. We really pushed ourselves to be better. It could have been difficult if we had been drafted by different teams.

"So grateful to the Canucks organization for drafting us and keeping us there," Daniel added. When you retire, you think hockey is behind you and you're moving on with your life. Then years later, it happens and I can experience it with my brother. We realize we are extremely lucky, but I think having played together has allowed us to push ourselves to be the best players we could be. »

Henrik finally completed his career with 1070 points in 1330 games, he who lifted the Hart and Art-Ross trophies at the end of the 2009-2010 campaign. For his part, Daniel amassed 1041 points in 1306 duels, he who was honored with the Art-Ross and Ted-Lindsay trophies in 2010-2011. They even got their hands on the King-Clancy trophy jointly in 2016. Only the Stanley Cup is missing from their list.

After all these years, now 41 years old, the twins do not seem ready to separate, they who even acted jointly as advisers to the general manager of the Canucks. They will also join the player development department, still with the British Columbia organization, next season.

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