The Supreme Court rejects appeals against the closure of Lafarge in Montcada and Reixac (Barcelona)


The Supreme Court rejects appeals against the closure of Lafarge in Montcada and Reixac (Barcelona)


The Supreme Court (TS) has inadmissible the appeals of Lafarge, the works council and the Generalitat of Catalonia against the closure of the company's plant in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), in a resolution consulted by Europa Press this Friday .

These appeals were presented before the order of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) of "closure, closing and sealing" of the activity that Lafarge is carrying out in its plant in the October 2021 ruling that annulled and left without legal effect the environmental license granted by the Generalitat to the plant.

The court has pointed out that the three appeals lack "sufficient foundation" and appeal interest, in his words.

Sources from the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat have explained to Europa Press that this non-admission "returns the appeals" to the TSJC to resolve the regional appeals presented by the company and the Government, that if they do not prosper will lead to the closure of the plant.

Likewise, they have explained that the Government is processing the legalization of the activity after a new request made by Lafarge in March 2021.


In February, the TSJC ordered the Generalitat to adopt closure and seal measures for the activity after declaring the environmental authorization granted to the factory by the former Department of Territory and Sustainability null and void.

The magistrates postponed the order of the definitive closure while waiting for the TS to resolve the appeal filed against a second judgment of the TSJC, issued in October 2021, which also declared the nullity of that same authorization, and that this authorization has been inadmissible. Friday.

The TSJC recalled that the consequence of the annulment of a license by final judgment "cannot be other than the closure of the activity", until an authorization is obtained that guarantees the non-existence of infractions or measures are adopted to correct them.

After hearing the second sentence of the TSJC, LafargeHolcim Spain urged the Generalitat to regularize the activity of the Montcada i Reixac factory to guarantee the continuity of the 300 people directly or indirectly employed by the cement company, with the processing of the corresponding file.

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