The world of possibilities in Singapore

A city-state in southern Malaysia, Singapore is a happy blend of modernity, design of all kinds and unique culinary culture.

The world of possibilities in Singapore

A city-state in southern Malaysia, Singapore is a happy blend of modernity, design of all kinds and unique culinary culture. Overview of an extraordinary destination.

On the other side of the bay hides the emblematic landscape of Singapore: the “Super Trees” of Gardens By The Bay park. These large tree-like structures, whose trunks are lined with plants, give the impression of being in a world of giants. A high walkway connects these trees to each other. From up there, the view of the Singapore skyline is breathtaking. On site, two domes, the “Cloud Forest” and the “Flower Dome” house plants of various origins. These huge greenhouses contain magnificent gardens reflecting the different ecosystems in the world. The atmosphere is so magical that the exhibition “Avatar: The Experience” is presented there from October 28, 2022 to March 31, 2023.,

The National Museum of Singapore is a kind of historical compendium from British colonization. From the arrival of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to the gaining of independence on August 9, 1965, through the Japanese occupation during the Second World War. A room is also dedicated to the important work of William Farquhar, known as the first resident and commander of modern Singapore from 1819 to 1824, on the census of local fauna and flora. Several species are featured in the dozens of watercolors in the room featuring specimens of birds, fruits and plants unique to Peninsular Malaysia.

While there is very little street food in Singapore, food fairs are the benchmark for local cuisine at very affordable prices. The Maxwell Hawker Center in Chinatown – a must-visit place – is known for its Hainanese chicken rice, so one of the kiosks serving it has earned a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recognition. . Soup fans will be delighted by laksa, one of Singapore's typical soups made with coconut milk and sambal, a fragrant hot pepper paste.

The Indian community in Singapore represents about 10% of the local population. The Little India district is also one of the oldest districts of the city-state. The colorful houses, called "shophouses", previously used as a business on the ground floor and a home on the floor above, signify the architecture of the sector. Pleasant scents of flowers, spices and incense fill the streets. Merchants design beautiful floral necklaces, usually serving as offerings to Hindu deities. Unsurprisingly, the food there is also very good. A good example is The Banana Leaf Apollo family restaurant. As its name suggests, a banana leaf lines the bottom of the plate on which rice is placed at will. In the dining room, a waiter goes from table to table to offer the two dishes in sauce of the day, also served at will, in addition to a varied and delicious à la carte menu.

Orchard Street is the main artery of the big names in fashion. From Prada to Louis Vuitton via Hermès, they are all there. To discover more than 100 local designers, the Design Orchard boutique is ideal for unearthing original finds, ranging from designer clothes to jewelry and kitchen accessories. Artists and artisans also have access to common creation and exhibition spaces to launch their new creations.

The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​one of the most coveted and anticipated of the Formula 1 season. Fans were able to find it again this fall, after a two-year forced break. The event takes place in the heart of the city center, in the evening. As it takes place at the end of September, it presents many challenges for the pilots, especially due to the frequent thunderstorms at this time of the year. Fans who prefer comfort can watch the race from their hotel room, such as at the sublime Mandarin Oriental, located inside the circuit. You can clearly see turns 19, 20 and 21, in addition to the section of the circuit along Marina Bay.,

To get there

Air Canada directly connects Montreal and Tokyo three times a week. Then, Singapore Airlines takes over to transport you to your destination.

COVID-19 and entry rules

Since the end of August 2022, quarantine is no longer required for travellers. Fully vaccinated tourists need only present proof of vaccination and complete their arrival card online, before departure. For rules for unvaccinated travelers and other details:

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