CCOO, FINE and UGT have reported this Thursday that they are maintaining the strike call for tomorrow, March 22, after no pre-agreement was reached in the meeting that took place today at the negotiating table for the collective agreement with the employers’ association AEB, according to They reported in a joint statement.

Unions and employers met on March 19 with the aim of advancing negotiations and reaching an agreement, although in the end it was not achieved and they met again this Thursday, one day before the strike call, to try to bring positions closer together.

However, it has not been possible to reach any point that would allow the strike to be postponed or called off, so the call remains in place. CCOO, FINE and UGT, which are together in these negotiations, have indicated that the AEB and its associated banks have not accepted their latest proposal, “despite being situated in the environment of the pre-agreements reached in savings and credit cooperatives.”

Specifically, they have proposed a minimum consolidated increase in tables and for a period of three years (2024-2026) of 13%. As an alternative option, the possibility of applying a consolidated increase in tables in those three years of 12% plus a single payment of 3% in 2024 that is not compensable or absorbable has also been indicated.

A guarantee clause has also been requested, that is, that there is no compensation or absorption, of 80% of said increase in tables, consolidating said increase in the present and in the future, as well as an additional increase based on the CPI of up to 3% consolidated in tables and an additional day of vacation, going from 24 to 25.

“We regret that AEB and its associated banks have rejected this proposal, leading us into conflict and maintaining positions that continue to be very far from the benefits of the sector, the increase in remuneration of senior management and, above all, from what they claim and deserve. its workers,” the three union organizations have pointed out.

Just yesterday, the employers’ associations of the credit cooperatives (Unacc and Asemecc) reached a preliminary agreement with the unions FINE, CCOO and UGT for the agreement that governs them (and which is different from that of banks or the old savings banks) that contemplates a salary increase of at least 12% in three years. In the case of the savings agreement, the agreed increase is 11% over three years.