Unleashing your full potential at work despite your limitations is possible!

According to Statistics Quebec, nearly 380,000 people aged 15 to 64 with disabilities are currently employed in the province.

Unleashing your full potential at work despite your limitations is possible!

According to Statistics Quebec, nearly 380,000 people aged 15 to 64 with disabilities are currently employed in the province. This figure thus proves that people with an intellectual, physical or mental health limitation can very well shine in the job market.

But companies still need to offer them the services and facilities to allow them to unleash their full potential. In fact, still in Quebec, there are 355,000 people with limitations who are inactive or unemployed. This is, among other things, because they need help, services or facilities to be able to work.

Fortunately, for 40 years, the Quebec Council of Adapted Enterprises (CQEA) has made it its mission to provide quality jobs in a work environment adapted to people living with limitations.

The 37 members of this network accredited by Services Québec are true leaders in the employment integration of people with limitations, since they generate more than 4,000 adapted jobs in 15 regions of the province.

There are more than 200 services and products in several major sectors of activity: industrial sewing, specialized activities (industrial subcontracting, security, liquidation stores), packaging and handling, housekeeping, office supplies, printing, etc.

It is in this sense that the network of adapted companies has presented the Roger Pedneault Recognition Awards every year since 2012. This is an event that pays tribute to people with limitations who have distinguished themselves in their work integration journey in an adapted company.

The 2022 edition was held on June 1 at the National Assembly of Quebec as part of Citizen Programming. In the presence of spokesperson Woody Belfort, renowned athlete and speaker, the event is presented in collaboration with the Office des personnes Handicapés du Québec.

Anna Tremblay, material handler

TAQ Group, Quebec

Suffering from profound deafness from a young age, Anna did not let her limitation hold her back. She had a very solid professional CV before joining Groupe TAQ in 2016 as a handler, where she is appreciated by all. Since last September, she has been teaching Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) with professionalism and humor to the TAQ support team, creating a strong and united work environment.

Catherine Chênevert, sorting clerk

Recovery Center-du-Québec, Drummondville

Catherine's neurocutaneous disease and brain tumor affect several aspects of her life, including her memory, balance, manual dexterity and difficulty controlling her emotions. Fortunately, her strength of character pushes her to persevere. In September 2014, she joined the Récupéraction Centre-du-Québec team as a sorting worker for recyclable materials. Since then, in addition to improving her physical condition, the young woman has seen her work recognized by her peers and superiors, since she is the one who regularly replaces the team leaders on the sorting tables.

David Perron, housekeeping attendant

Adapted work chain CTA, Jonquière and Alma

Even though he has to deal with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, David has been able to adapt his way of life, but also his work techniques to his limitations. Hired by the CTA adapted work chain as a housekeeping attendant in 2001, he has worked at the Foyer Saint-François for 15 years now. In addition to breaking the isolation, his work allows him to gain self-confidence and develop a sense of belonging with the seniors on his floor, whose habits and schedules he knows by heart.

François Dubé, assistant team leader

Horisol, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

Although he experienced integration difficulties in 2006 when he was hired by Horisol, François managed to climb the ladder one by one, gaining confidence with each step taken. Today, he is the only worker in the company specializing in the wood industry to be able to occupy all the functions of the main line! And this, despite his birth defect in one foot (which limits his movements), his anxiety disorders and his severe learning disabilities.

Tommy Simard, premier chauffeur

Leopold-Desrosiers Workshops, Matane

For Tommy, one challenge does not wait for the other. Marked by a slight disability and a diagnosis of attention deficit, he had difficulty finding his place in a professional environment. In 2009, at the age of 21, he found a job at Ateliers Léopold-Desrosiers, which specializes in several sectors of activity, including the distribution of wood. Thanks to his perseverance, he rose through the ranks to become the company's first driver for all vehicles, including heavy trucks and forklifts. Quite an accomplishment for a young man who lacked confidence when he was hired!

Together, the adapted companies of the Quebec Council of Adapted Companies (CQEA) contribute to breaking down barriers and obstacles for people with limitations. Learn more about this leader in employment integration for people with limitations by visiting their website.