Viajes El Corte Inglés launches a new space for sustainable experiences

MADRID, 15 Dic.

Viajes El Corte Inglés launches a new space for sustainable experiences


Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés has announced the launch of a new space dedicated to sustainable tourism on its website as part of its sustainability strategy and in line with its ESG Master Plan.

In this space ( the different commercial travel partners such as accommodation, excursions and combined trips that are committed to experiences with a clear orientation towards sustainability and responsible tourism are valued.

The structure of this new space is divided into four parts. Firstly, the pillars on which the sustainability strategy of Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés and its lines of action are based are disclosed.

Secondly, the projects and initiatives being carried out in the Group in aspects related to tourism for sustainable development are presented. On the other hand, customers will be able to consult the selection of experiences, accommodations and sustainable packages, as well as make the reservation.

Finally, a section is included where the responsible traveler's decalogue is disseminated to customers and which includes a series of recommendations aimed at minimizing the impact of their travel experiences.

This is an action framed within the commitment to sustainability that leads Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés to promote actions that are committed to responsible tourism.

The company assures that with this space "it is intended to contribute to the creation of tourism products that integrate sustainability, adopting an active role in the defense of environmental aspects, universal accessibility, governance and helping the transition towards a fairer tourism sector, ethical and responsible.