Video games: in the kingdom of dragons

Mythical creatures par excellence, dragons populate the imagination of video game designers.

Video games: in the kingdom of dragons

Mythical creatures par excellence, dragons populate the imagination of video game designers... as well as that of players who finally have the opportunity to interact with these fantastic animals.

The word "dragon" comes from the ancient Greek "drakon" which designated a giant sea serpent, but after millennia, the word today refers to winged creatures, allies of humans in some cases, and objects of many desires.

In the universe of games, dragons are initially evil. In "Dragon Quest", in 1986, the hero must face Dragonlord, a terrible character who controls these animals and can transform into a dragon. The franchise has since declined in manga, novels and even a feature film, “Dragon Quest: Your Story”, released in Japan in 2019.

Fast forward to the next decade in which one of the cutest dragons to hit the gaming world is unquestionably little Spyro, with 'Spyro the Dragon' being released for the PlayStation in 1998.

New versions of games in this franchise have been re-released under the title “Spyro Reignited Trilogy”. The player still embodies the purple dragon and must free other dragons, trapped in crystal traps, the adorable Spyro facing the terrible Gnasty Gnorc in the final battle.


Dragons are now inseparable from many games and franchises, the inclusion of legendary animals offering "gamers" a fantastic environment in which they can evolve with (or against) these mythical creatures.

Official MMORPG derived from "Dungeons and Dragons", "Neverwinter" includes quests and campaigns entirely dedicated to dragons, these animals proving to be formidable opponents, even for experienced fighters. We note with pleasure that the version for Windows is downloadable for free on the official website.

Impossible to talk about dragons without mentioning “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, a title in which these animals are inseparable from the scenario. Indeed, the “Dragonborn” – the player – can absorb the soul of a dragon he has just killed and he must defeat Alduin, a creature whose prophecy indicates that it will destroy the world.

The MMORPG “World of Warcraft” included evil dragons when it was released in 2004, but it became possible to ride them when flying mounts appeared in the expansion “The Burning Crusade” in 2007. And the The next expansion, due this year, is called 'Dragonflight' and will allow players to embody one of these mythical animals and visit their home world.

Far from these "serious" games, many titles for phones give pride of place to dragons, but in a much more relaxed way.

Thus, "Dragon Farm" (yes, yes, it exists) offers to build a farm, explore a mysterious island and thus discover the secrets of dragons (and in addition, they are pink... yes, yes).

Still in the series of cute dragons, but this time in a game adapted from a film, here is "Dragons: Rise of Berk" which allows you to find Croquemou and all the inhabitants of the island of Berk by raising your own dragon in order to to help the population. Yes, it's adorable.

Kind of a mix between a simulation game, “Pokémon” and “Street Fighter”, here is “Dragon City Mobile”. The description may seem amazing, even improbable, but know that you need to build a city in which you will breed dragons. You will fight them and collect them in order to become the master of dragons.

Yes, no doubt, dragons are now everywhere. The proof (apart from the water park at Village Vacances Valcartier)? Even Nintendo got into it in 2017 in its “Super Mario Odyssey,” including the villainous “Lord of Lightning” near the end of the game. Happy dragon hunting!

“Dragon Quest”: for multiple platforms

«DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds»: pour Android et iOS

«Spyro Reignited Trilogy»: pour multiples plateformes

«Neverwinter»: pour Windows, Xbox et PlayStation

«The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim»: pour Windows, Xbox et PlayStation «World of Warcraft»: pour Windows et macOS

«Dragon Farm»:

«Dragon City Mobile»:

“Super Mario Odyssey”: for Switch

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