We have a short fuse!

“No verbal or physical abuse of staff will be tolerated.

We have a short fuse!

“No verbal or physical abuse of staff will be tolerated. I first saw this kind of warning a few years ago in the emergency room of a hospital. What ? Would we go so far as to hit the staff?

These warnings are now clearly visible in the waiting rooms of several offices and establishments.

We are also asked not to freak out

Like on these recorded messages asking us to stay online, because our call is important...

Let's admit that the crappy music and the message on a loop in the ears, it eats away at the nerves. When we finally get an answer, no wonder we're fired up like a stove!

At the entrance to a grocery store in the Laurentians, a sign advises us to watch our language.

Hey, are we now attacking employees if we can no longer find our favorite brand of coffee or if certain products have become overpriced?

Quick, it's urgent!

We suffer from an insatiable need to have our requests met on the spot.

The slightest delay enrages us. The internet had better work at high speed, no time to waste, everything must be obtained with a single click.

In the middle of the works and the orange cones: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists become virtuosos of the shouting match and the middle finger. When it does not degenerate into blows and injuries.

On social networks, it is the festival of insult and threat at the slightest difference of opinion.

There is reason to wonder about our relationship to the other as a potential enemy.

When we glorify efficiency and speed by cultivating impatience as a virtue, we inevitably create intolerance in the face of the slightest failure.

The month of May is coming to an end... At my door, the dwarf lilac is fragrant, in the garden, the flowers will bloom at their own pace even if I am getting impatient. Nature is an excellent teacher when it comes to zenitude.