“We put ourselves in danger every night”

It's been a while ("too long," she says) that Lynda Lemay hasn't performed on a Montreal stage.

“We put ourselves in danger every night”

It's been a while ("too long," she says) that Lynda Lemay hasn't performed on a Montreal stage. And she has every intention of making up for this lost time this evening, with a concert lasting almost three hours at Place des arts.

At the end of the line, Lynda Lemay announces herself “a little tired”. Joined by Le Journal on Wednesday, the singer had just spent her first night at home, after a long tour in Europe. The jet lag was obviously always felt for Lynda Lemay. His voice, however, didn't convey that.

“When I go on stage, I forget the fatigue. It is the energy of the public that keeps me on my feet and inspires me to continue, ”she says.

This energy, she risks receiving a massive dose tonight, during the opening night of the Francos. Lynda Lemay will take over Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des arts with La vie est un conte de fous, a musical marathon that should keep her on stage for nearly three hours, without intermission.

Special demands

For the occasion, she will unpack the content of her last five albums, all released since November 2020. Be without fear, the essentials of the caliber of Give him passion, The strongest is my father and others Of your dreams to my dreams are still not ruled out.

To these thirty titles on the program will be added a handful of special requests, sent by his fans before each concert. A meticulous selection process then determines which ones will be inserted during the evening to improve the content and rhythm.

"It's the first thing I do when I get up the morning of a show. There are certain songs that I haven't done for 25 or 30 years, so I have to find them, change the key, adapt them... We put ourselves in danger every night. And it always gives unique moments of emotion, ”she explains.

A busy fall

Once this concert is over, Lynda Lemay will work on the next stage of her ambitious musical project from which this tour was born: that of releasing 11 albums of 11 songs each in 1111 days.

Already halfway through, it will continue this fall with the simultaneous release of three new albums. There is only one step, Between the flame and the soot and Between the dream and the memory will arrive on the shelves of the record stores on October 11 (obviously).

That evening, Lynda Lemay will reunite with her French fans by going on stage at the prestigious Olympia in Paris for the 62nd time in her career. A feat that few artists can boast of having accomplished.

"The chills are always the same every time," she says.

The World is a Madman's Tale tour is stopping at Place des Arts tonight.

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