When do the Black Friday 2022 sales start? Amazon, Media Markt, Inditex, Fnac...

MADRID, 14 Nov.

When do the Black Friday 2022 sales start? Amazon, Media Markt, Inditex, Fnac...


Black Friday is approaching, one of the most anticipated commercial events of the year. Exported from the United States, this tradition marks the start of deeply discounted Christmas shopping around 'Black Friday'--which falls on November 25, Friday, this year.

There are many who will take advantage of this weekend to fulfill the orders of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men (24%, according to Aecoc Shopperview) or renew the wardrobe or technological devices, although the budget will be reduced compared to other years: the average expenditure will be below 250 euros for 75% of consumers.

For those who don't want to wait for the big day or want to know when they have to stop by their favorite store, this is (for the moment) the Black Friday calendar.

- Media market

Media Markt has launched its 'Black Weeks', offering 0% financing for up to 24 months on all items from 299 euros.


Fnac has already started Black Friday: on its website it offers offers of up to 60% depending on the section: 60% on video games, 50% on images, books, sports and household appliances, etc.

- The book house

La Casa del Libro offers the possibility of getting ahead of Black Friday with offers that one has access to only if they become a member: 5% discount on books and ebooks, 10% discount eReaders and 15% covers and up to a 70% discount on a selection of stationery and gifts.

- Aliexpress

The Chinese giant of 'online' commerce Aliexpress already has its campaign underway: it gives access on its website to discounts on technology of up to 50%.

- Shane

The popular clothing platform Shein already exhibits Black Friday deals on its website, where it offers discounts of up to 80%.

-Amazon: day 18

Amazon concentrates its campaign in one week: the discounts begin on November 18, just seven days before 'Black Friday'.

- Inditex

--Stradivarius: night of the 24th (online), day 25 (physical store)

Stradivarius opts for a popular option for this campaign: reserve the start of the sales in physical stores for the 25th, but allow the discounts on its website a few hours before, on the night of the 24th...

   -- Pull

...Something that, predictably, the rest of the Inditex brands will also do, although so far the only one that has an announcement about it on its website is Pull

- Women's secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, Desigual: 25th

It is not something striking: many clothing brands do not start their discounts until the 25th: Women's secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, Desigual...

Women's secret and Springfield will allow Black Friday purchases to be exchanged or returned until January 15, while Cortefiel will extend the period until January 24. The three firms warn that those who choose to return in store will receive a 20% discount card for their next purchase.

Consumer associations routinely protest every year about the bad practices in which stores and consumers can fall. To avoid scares, read some tips to avoid falling for scams.