Young people and the labor shortage

I live in a condo.

Young people and the labor shortage

I live in a condo.

On the terrace of our condo, there is an automatic watering system that allows us to water all our plants, even when we are not there.

The system broke this winter.

The guy in charge of fixing it was supposed to come a few weeks ago, but he had to postpone his visit once. Twice. Thrice.

Finally, he showed up this week.

"I'm sorry for the delay, he told me with a contrite air, but we are short of manpower. It's very difficult to recruit employees these days. Young people don't want to work evenings or weekends...

"When it doesn't tempt them to work, they just don't show up, that's all, without bothering to let you know. It really is a funny generation. »


"A strange generation..."

This sentence, I have heard it dozens of times in recent months.

Coming from the mouths of restaurateurs, merchants, entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Are you meeting a potential recruit for a job interview? The guy or the girl does not show up.

It's sunny and it's Friday?

Your employee doesn't show up.

"Are you going to kick me out the door?" I don't care, I have three other jobs waiting for me..."

How can you organize your working week with such employees?

The guy who came to fix my sprinkler system is the boss of the company. Usually he's in his office.

But for the past few months, he has been running from one end of the city to the other to carry out the work and honor his contracts.

Not enough employees.


In La Presse, yesterday, a young teacher said how disappointed he was with the teaching environment because he was not allowed to work only three days a week.

“The job does not offer him the work-family balance he aspires to,” writes the journalist.

"So he got a job in another field..."

It's like that everywhere.

A funny generation? You say !

When I was young and going for a job interview, I asked my future employer: “What can I do for you? »

Now, the young person asks his future boss, arms crossed and both feet on the desk (I caricature): “What can you do for me? »

The times are changing...

I understand that young people have seen their parents sacrifice their family life for their careers, and that they do not want to be like them.

But, after all, we can't organize everyone's work taking into account their moods!

Of their desires!

Of course, not all young people are like that. At QUB Radio, I am surrounded by young people who have heart in their stomachs.

But we are dealing here with a heavy trend.

It is this, among other things, that causes the shortage of labor that puts so many entrepreneurs in the embarrassment...

And not sure that the trend will reverse in the coming months.

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