Zity billed 56% more in 2022 and recorded record revenues of 12.4 million euros

Profitable in Madrid since October.

Zity billed 56% more in 2022 and recorded record revenues of 12.4 million euros

Profitable in Madrid since October


The 'car sharing' company Zity by Mobilize, owned by Renault and Ferrovial, registered a record turnover of 12.44 million euros in 2022, which represents an increase of almost 56% in relation to the 7.99 million euros of its turnover in 2021, as reported by the company in a meeting with the press.

The company has also experienced a 22% growth in the number of registered users and has reached 610,000 among the four cities in which it operates, specifically, Lyon and Paris (France), Milan (Italy) and Madrid.

In this sense, the company reached the profitability threshold in Madrid last October and currently maintains it, as detailed by the entity, which has also recalled that it began to provide its service in Lyon last March and in Milan in May 2022. Due to this expansion, the platform added 59,000 new users in 2022.

Likewise, its global fleet has also increased by 44% with the addition of around 575 new vehicles in 2022, all of them between Lyon and Milan, with which it has reached 1,875 100% electric cars.

"In 2021, we were already beginning to recover the business volume that we had been experiencing before the pandemic. This allowed us to expand our service to other markets, a strategy that has undoubtedly been more than successful, since we have managed to achieve our goal of being profitable in Madrid within the time frame we had set ourselves, in addition to achieving excellent results in the French and Italian markets", stated the CEO of Zity, Javier Mateos.

Among the company's more short-term plans, in March of this year it will begin to implement its new customer service, called 'Help System' and which will allow users"certain queries or procedures through the mobile application of a simple and intuitive way.

"This new service (...) will help users save time when using our service, either by guiding them through the application so that they can manage it themselves, or by opening an incident with our customer service so that Zity is the one that offers the solution", the company has assured.