15 cities, in which even millionaires are no longer a house can afford

100 square meters in the city are to be paid in Germany in most large cities, with an average salary hardly. In 15 cities in the world, would be enough to do th

15 cities, in which even millionaires are no longer a house can afford

100 square meters in the city are to be paid in Germany in most large cities, with an average salary hardly. In 15 cities in the world, would be enough to do this, but not even a Million Euro on the account. Measured, we have the square metre price for urban real estate as a millionaire you do not want to live, finally, on the edge of the city. The data come from the comparison platform Numbeo from this month. They do not take into account the purchase cost.

15. Munich – 10.533 Euro

Munich, by far, the most expensive city in Germany remains. In the middle of the square meter here costs 7509 Euro Postbank living Atlas. But who wants to live as close to the Marienplatz, have to clearly dig deeper into the bag. In addition, the prices have also increased significantly. Three years ago, the square was still 11 percent cheaper.

14. Paris (France) – 11.341 Euro

The most expensive city in France is of course Paris. An Apartment in the vicinity of Its costs here more than 11,000 euros per square meter. However, the prices are on the rise barely. Three years ago, there were just four percent less. Reuters/Ian Langsdon/EPA/Illustration views of bridges on the Seine in front of the Eiffel tower.

13. Tel-Aviv (Israel) – 11.683 Euro

The prices in Tel-Aviv are so enormously high, because the place in the city is limited. In addition, the 450,000 inhabitants of the city is popular in the Mediterranean, especially in the case of living abroad of the Jews. Their home purchases are driving the prices up. In the past years, they have subsided considerably. Three years ago, the square meter cost about 3000 Euro more and made Tel-Aviv in order to fifth-most expensive city in the world.

12. Zurich (Switzerland) – 11.695 Euro

Significantly cheaper – although at a very high level – is also living in Switzerland. The square meter in Zurich currently costs about one-sixth less than in 2017. The city also fell, by six places in the Ranking.

11. Geneva (Switzerland) – 12.039 Euro

around ten percent cheaper to become apartments in Geneva. This is mainly due to the decline in immigration to Switzerland in recent years. Less foreigners are buying real estate, the vacancy rate increased slightly. It is located in Geneva, but still less than one percent.

10. San Francisco (USA) – 12.099 Euro

Who brings in San Francisco a five-digit annual salary in Euro, is considered to be already at risk of poverty so high, the price level close to the Silicon Valley. The prices have changed in the last three years.

9. Shenzhen (China) – 12,270 prize Euro

The Chinese counterpart to Silicon Valley is Shenzhen. In the metropolis, near Hong Kong about the Smartphone giant Huawei has its headquarters. The metropolis is a special administrative zone, in the particularly Tech companies advantages over other country have to share. This makes the city popular, it has more than ten million inhabitants. The largest market in the world trading. Expert tips for your Forex Trading (partner offer) To the free expert tips on

8. Shanghai (China) – 12.284 Euro

24 million people live in Shanghai, although the number of recently stagnated. The prices do hardly a crash, the cost of square meter today, only 700 Euro less than three years ago. Thus, Shanghai, Shenzhen outdated currently as the third most expensive city in China. Bloomberg the Shanghai Skyline

7. Taipei (Taiwan) – 12.574 Euro

calculated New Ranking Taipei is: if you want to buy a house, you must start in the cut half of his salary for 20 years, the Taipei Times recently. House prices are driven by a low-interest-rate policy of the Central Bank to the top. Especially super houses have rich here as investment buys.

6. Beijing (China) - 13.625 Euro

While prices in Shenzhen and Shanghai have fallen, it was in Beijing significantly. The square meter here costs about seven percent more than three years ago. Thus, the capital of China jumps from tenth to sixth place.

5. New York (USA) – 13.644 Euro

While prices in San Francisco are stagnating, it went in New York in three years, to 15 percent. However, the end seems reached. In the past twelve months, house prices declined even slightly. Nevertheless, New York from 12th place high jump in 5th place.

4. Seoul (South Korea) – 14.224 Euro

In no other metropolis in this list, the prices have risen in the past three years in Seoul. 31 percent of it went to the cut to the top. Thus, the South Korean capital, increased from 16. on the 4. Place. The main reason for strong interest rate cuts by the Central Bank are also here, which is why more and more super-rich invest their money in real estate.

3. London (United Kingdom) – 15.246 Euro

Brexit-have fallen due to the house prices in London for 2017 by around a sixth in section. Thus, the city loses a place in the Ranking.

2. Singapore – 17.481 Euro

The Silver spot secure that's why now Singapore, where rates are approximately stable. However, there are fears that the current Coronavirus epidemic that could damage the city-state so much so that even the house prices to drop sustainably. Small Caps Champion: your 3 pillars for a successful wealth accumulation. Successfully and safely in addition to values invest. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

1. Hong Kong – 28.203 Euro

by far, Hong Kong remains at the top of the Rankings. And the prices soar even: Compared with 2017 it went up to around 11 percent. The city is popular because it is organized as a special administrative region of China much more freely. So far, since more than half a year of ongoing protests against Chinese influence have changed very little. dpa/Jens Kalaene views of skyscrapers and high-rise Office buildings in the financial district of Hong Kong.

What cities are missing?

compared To the same Ranking of three years ago, are eliminated in full cities, because prices have slipped below the threshold of 10,000 euros per square meter. This applies, for example, Tokyo, which was formerly the fourth-most expensive city in the world. Today, there is an inner-city house for 9916 Euro per square metre – 34 percent cheaper.

Also not Stockholm (8883 Euro are represented, minus 16 per cent), Jerusalem (7863 Euro, -24 per cent) and Sydney (8741 Euro, -15 percent). Lausanne from arbitration due to a lack of data from the list.

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