A receipt is now compulsory, it is time for new ideas

a rant, the other in search of solutions: in addition to Netto and Edeka also Alnatura in the future will use environmental friendly paper for receipts. Prote

A receipt is now compulsory, it is time for new ideas

a rant, the other in search of solutions: in addition to Netto and Edeka also Alnatura in the future will use environmental friendly paper for receipts.

Protest against the Bonpflicht in a Restaurant in Karlsruhe in December photo: Reuters

BERLIN taz | The new edition compulsory for receipts ensures that, even in their first practice days for conversation. The organised retail struggles continue at all levels and is trying to Manifest!to encourage Christians to resist the "Fund law for more tax justice". A growing number of individual companies trying it as uncomplicated and environmentally friendly solutions.

Since the first of January, retailers are obliged for every payment a receipt shall be issued. At the end of 2016, agreed the law is "aware of the technology-neutral in terms of" as it is called in the Federal Ministry of Finance. The documents can be issued both in paper form and by e-Mail or on the phone.

The Bonpflicht is to prevent the public or escape to continue to tax revenue, because companies record their sales with fake invoices or manipulated funds. The tax Union calculated the annual loss to around ten billion euros. Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria and other countries have already longer an issue of duty.

Stefan Genth, chief Executive of the trade Association Germany (HDE), criticized the Fund law as "unnecessary, expensive and harmful to the environment", a total of 2020 "more than 2 million kilometres of additional receipts to be printed". Some bakeries posted pictures of left-behind paper snakes and a bunch of social media, other specialist shops called on to plug the collected receipts "in the letter box of the tax office".

Even environmental groups such as the CONFEDERATION of criticising the "unnecessary consumption of resources". Actually, the receipts are not only because of the sheer amount of little eco-friendly. The usual Material with various chemicals coated thermal paper, which can, among other things, Bisphenol A-free. This is considered to be a hormonal pollutant and, for example, is suspected to be carcinogenic and promote Diabetes. Usual Bons are therefore not to waste paper, but in the rest of the garbage.

However, there are Alternatives to thermal paper. On Thursday, the organic supermarket chain Alnatura announced after Edeka and net, from the spring step on receipts made from eco-friendly paper switch. Many of the smaller organic shops have been using the so-called Blue4est-Bon of a Baden manufacturer. This is also made of thermal paper in the conventional thermal printers can be used. According to the Alnatura it is "made of FSC-certified wood from sustainable forests manufactured without chemical color developer and can thus be disposed of via the waste paper.

"A large part of our customers has, in the past, the environment and on the printed receipt dispensed," says managing Director Rüdiger Kasch. The sustainable variant was in the shopping, although "significantly more expensive, however, we are pleased to have the new receipt a resource-saving Alternative is found". The FAZ, the more the price should be around ten percent.

the Bio-chain is therefore a digital, so entirely paperless, variant as offered by conventional supermarket chain Rewe already since December. There is Known to can!can the receipt as an Email send. Already at the end of last year, the market research group Yougove had published a survey, according to which the majority of the German citizens!can the Bons prefer to send it as a print would be – although there were large differences between the age classes.

Practical when at the checkout, the Email address type to to, to be Apps, which are coming in the next few weeks on the market. Bill.less from Böblingen, for example, offers on its website a test version. Also Anybill from Regensburg, Wunderbon from Düsseldorf, and Epap from Münster to work on Apps, the receipt not only reflect, but also to collect. So, they can also be used for a possible exchange or warranty or the accountant submitted.

to make a Little time for thought, but anyway. Because the rules of the Fund law, can only be fully comply with if the funds have a special safety equipment. And is not yet Mature in the case of all Fund providers. Therefore, a transition period until September 2020.

Date Of Update: 03 January 2020, 19:00

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