Agriculture in Europe: the EU agriculture Commissioner wants to only organic

Organic farming can contribute to climate change programme, the Green Deal, says Wojciechowski. However, a majority of farmers want less environmental protectio

Agriculture in Europe: the EU agriculture Commissioner wants to only organic

Organic farming can contribute to climate change programme, the Green Deal, says Wojciechowski. However, a majority of farmers want less environmental protection.

they Also want more Bio: Two cows-clad participants in the "We are fed up"demonstration in Berlin photo: dpa

BERLIN taz | EU agricultural Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski wants all farmers to convert to Organic farming. "My dream is that the whole of the European agriculture should be organic," said the Pole, in a speech on Friday evening on the Green week in Berlin. The industry representatives at the reception of the Federation of the Organic food industry (BÖLW) responded to this statement with cheers.

agriculture could be to the EU climate protection programme, Green Deal help, said Wojciechowski. "Therefore, we should reform our Common agricultural policy and our agriculture, environment, climate and animal friendly". Organic farming was a "very important part of this contribution". The Commissioner announced an action plan for the industry that should also develop the organic market more.

This was also a goal of farmers and consumers, on Saturday in Berlin's government district Demonstration for an ecological agriculture at the turn of the "We are fed up"-took part. The organisers spoke of 27,000, the police counted 20,000 to 25,000 demonstrators. "In the agricultural landscape, we look back to a policy of complete failure," said the President of the Nature protection League, Jörg-Andreas Krüger, in front of the Brandenburg gate. "We have biodiversity losses, we lose the insects, we lose the birds, we lose the farms, and we lose the Chance at a clean future."

farmers during the reconstruction of the agriculture support was the Central demand of the demonstrators. Martin Kaiser, Executive Director of Greenpeace, addressed directly to the Federal Minister of economic Affairs of the CDU: "Where has Mrs Klöckner please done your Job?", he asked. "You're running on the Green week, around your campaign and says: You decide. And wants to push the blame to the consumers in the shoes. Madam Minister, we are tired of it.“

170 tractor drivers from all over Germany, the Demonstration led, already for the tenth Time in Berlin. The emissions caused by the arrival of the tractors, would be compensated, insured by the Organizers. Many of the demonstrators had come disguised as cows, bees and beekeepers. "Let the Pig out!", they called on their shields, and the "insects protect, pesticides stop".

farmer protest leader, Andresen warns of radicalisation, if his motion is not successful

The "full-on"Demo was a tractor demo in Nuremberg, delineate, which had excited on Friday by individual banners with right-wing symbols of a stir. The organizers of the Initiative "country connection" distanced themselves from the incident. You have asked the people, the Banner to take off.

Minister for agriculture, Klöckner condemned the incidents as a derailment. The police in Nuremberg said: "there is no investigation, because nothing criminal was found to be relevant."

"country connection" had called on Germany to demonstrations. At the Berlin meeting of approximately 400 tractors were. The Protest was directed particularly against environmental regulations, such as the planned stricter düngevo reviews.

The best-known spokesman for the movement, Dirk Andresen, moved from their previous Demos, the conclusion is that a large part of "the political representatives and the self-proclaimed opinion elite" "have not at all understood how betrayed and left large parts of the population now feel that saw 5 years ago are still in the middle of the society at home."

Andresen criticized particularly a taz article about him from Friday. It was said that the farmer leader was involved in a disproportionately large Sows, the smaller businesses under pressure to be set. A representative of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft pointed out in the Text, the size of "a certain interest" is connected. If more farmers knew how big The operation had, would many not represented, the ecologically-oriented organization.

Andresen complained that the German environmental aid farmers Association chief Joachim Rukwied, to be referred to as a "slurry-king". "If you don't get the message of the farmers are small, one tries to defame the Messenger. This is a level we're more familiar with from the wrong countries,“ says Andresen.

In the daily mirror on Sunday, he warned the policy, is to strengthen, through inaction in the agriculture policy radical right-wing forces. "Also a part of the farmers will then radically," he said. (with dpa)

Date Of Update: 20 January 2020, 10:00

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