All the quarrel to the North Stream – in the South of new Putin delivers Pipeline soon to Vienna

Together with Turkey, Russia has implemented in the shortest possible time a project has for both States immense importance. The decision to build Turkish Strea

All the quarrel to the North Stream – in the South of new Putin delivers Pipeline soon to Vienna

Together with Turkey, Russia has implemented in the shortest possible time a project has for both States immense importance. The decision to build Turkish Stream was in October of 2016, is an important part of the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. Previously, Moscow had frozen relations for months, because the Turkish air force had shot down the end of 2015, a Russian Jet in the border area with Syria.

at the beginning of January 2020, the Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin in Istanbul took the lines in operation. They also stressed the importance of the project for the energy security of southern Europe. Indeed, Moscow could flow deliveries through the southern way, soon, even to the borders of Germany.

So the Gas flows to Europe

Turkish Stream runs from southern Russia to the North-West Turkish coast near Istanbul, approximately 930 kilometres through the Black sea. Through the Pipeline, a year can flow up to 31.5 billion cubic meters of Gas. The start of construction in 2017. Russia already supplies since 2003 through the Pipeline Blue Stream up to 16 billion cubic meters of Gas per year to Turkey. Superfluous it is not with Turkish Stream, according to the energy expert Simon Schulte of the University of Cologne. Blue Stream is intended to supply the East of Turkey. The new Pipeline is designed, therefore, primarily Istanbul and the surrounding area. Gazprom, The history of Turk Stream (green) and Blue Stream (yellow) from Russia through the Black sea to Turkey

The Pipeline is composed of two strands: in-charge of a tube of Gas directly to Turkey, the other runs up to the Bulgarian border and is for deliveries to the South and South - East Europe. Both should be equal to the amount of Gas per 15.75 billion cubic meters of transport – namely. From the border with Bulgaria to build the Pipeline as a Balkan Stream next to the Serbian border. From there, the Gas will be piped to Hungary. Deliveries should, however, also be possible in other States of the Region, such as in Slovakia and Austria. The Work in Bulgaria is expected to be completed in accordance with the words of the head of government Boiko Borisov until the end of may of this year.

Turkey as a transit country more Power to the energy market

Turkey is one of The largest customers for Russian gas. It is due to a lack of own energy reserves, chronic energy hungry and has to import a large part of the demand. Also of advantage is the turn in the direction of Europe: it is Turkey as a transit country more Power in the energy market. Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez said in December: "With the natural gas lines that come both from the East and from the North, we will be on the international markets is essential." Bailey/Wikipedia This map shows the network of planned and already built Gas Pipelines to and through Europe 2015 - while Nord Stream was planned through the Baltic sea many years ago, and is still on the completion of waiting, was Turkish Stream decided in record time, and

Erdogan completed will now also Gas in the Mediterranean sea, tap

Turkish Stream for Turkey is also a political success in a sector in which you felt recently excluded. At present, it is due to natural gas projects in the Mediterranean have a hard time with countries like Cyprus or Greece on the cross. A result: In a highly controversial move, Turkey has closed in November with the civil war, the country of Libya, an agreement on Maritime borders, they claimed some of the disputed territories with rich natural gas deposits for itself. Recently, Turkey has sent even soldiers to Libya, in the civil war, the Alliance partners, Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch, in the fight against the influential support of General Khalifa Haftar.

Why the Pipeline for Putin is so important

Moscow, in turn, is primarily to provide alternative routes for the Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe. The war in the East of the country and the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea in 2014, Russia have divided Moscow and Kiev. The Ukrainians became for the Russians so that a predictable business partner. Heating OIL PRICES COMPARE

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control of the ailing existing Pipeline, the state-owned Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz. Although both countries have renewed their contract. But it is not clear how we go from there. With the leadership of Bulgaria, Russia can bypass Ukraine – much like the Nord Stream Baltic sea pipeline 2. dpa the Pipeline

competition in the European market

Russia runs wants to be able to also supply southern and Western Europe in a more direct manner with his Gas. It already has the gas markets in Europe firmly in its grip. The Russians want, but be prepared for the growing energy hunger of the Europeans – for example, if Germany withdraws from nuclear and coal energy.

in addition, Russia will provide the United States the forehead, who want to settle in Europe on their own, expensively produced LPG. Russia's weakening economy is dependent on revenues from the gas business urgently.

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Date Of Update: 23 January 2020, 01:00

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