Allianz lowers interest rates significantly, millions of Germans are facing life insurance new setback

"The low interest rate environment hurts extremely. The interest rates on the capital market have recently declined again. The theme solidifies more and more,“

Allianz lowers interest rates significantly, millions of Germans are facing life insurance new setback

"The low interest rate environment hurts extremely. The interest rates on the capital market have recently declined again. The theme solidifies more and more,“ says the managing Director of the Rating Agency Assekurata, the Pure Want, the situation. He assumes that the current rate of return on the pension classic drops in the coming year, an average of about 2.30 percent, according to an average calculated of 2.46 percent in 2019.

customers with old contracts, although often a higher rate of return, since they benefit partially from interest rate guarantees of up to 4 percent. The company, however, it is getting harder and harder to achieve the high promise of the past in the interest rate downturn in the capital markets.

game room down, very limited have released their data for 2020. Germany's largest life insurer, Allianz life lowers the current interest rate. This is also true for the Old Leipzig and Nuremberg life. Among other things, Axa and the Ideal life insurance interest rates keep stable.

actuaries Henning Cooling expected in the width of no sharp decline: "In the interest of the design options have been exhausted largely," argues the Chief actuary of policies Directly. The game room down is limited for most providers because of the guarantees in the contracts closely. Policies that Direct existing life insurance policy is buying up contracts of customers and leads you up to the expiration more.

guaranteed interest rate of only 0.9 per cent

The current rate of return consists of the guaranteed interest rate and surplus participation. The amount of the profit participation, the insurer will decide depending on the economic situation and success of your investment strategy every year. The free comparison of FOCUS Online (display) life Here, find a cheap risk insurance!

the guarantee rate, after a determination by the Federal Ministry of Finance since the beginning of 2017 for new contracts at a measly 0.9 per cent is Added. In Altverträgen there are up to 4 percent. This must meet the company is also in the interest slack. The current yield refers only to the Savings component of insurer costs, net of acquisition and administration as well as the contribution for death protection creates.

hedge EUR 9 billion for the additional interest reserve

up To the high promise of existing contracts, need to reset the insurer, since 2011, money. This money can not be passed on to the customer distributed. The capital buffer - in the jargon, the additional interest reserve to be called - is now established, although slower than at the beginning.

Assekurata, the managing Director Wants to suggest that the decline in interest rates has made a part of the discharge, however, come to naught. "We now assume that the insurer in this year, need to spend 9 billion euros for the additional interest reserve." Originally Assekurata had expected that with 6 to 7 billion. "The additional burden presses on the ability to return to the customer to pay."

New contracts for life insurance without guaranteed Interest rate

In comparison to other investments Will be argued, the rate of interest but still quite good. At Allianz life, for example, the total return to 2020, including the final surplus at the end of the term of the contract is, in the case of classical life and annuity insurance 3.1 percent, and 3.4 percent for the newer model without a guarantee of interest. "In times of Zero and negative interest rates, a 3 before the decimal point is a strong Signal," says chief product officer Volker Priebe.

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Many insurance companies offer in the interest of slack anyway, no products with the classic guaranteed interest rate more. You put in the new business on treaties, the commitments, only the receipt of the contributions paid in whole or in part. For this, you should yield a slightly higher return.

ECB. monetary policy even further

relaxed With growing concern the financial Supervisory authority Bafin is monitoring the situation in the insurance industry "The Situation of life insurers and pension funds requires that we strengthen our control", - said the head of insurance supervision, Frank reason, recently. The recent reduction in interest rates in the Euro area have increased the challenge for the insurer once again.

The European Central Bank had weakness in the fight against economic recovery and low Inflation under the new Boss Christine Lagarde its ultra-loose monetary policy tightened in September. To higher punitive interest rates (negative interest rate on Deposits) for banks, fresh billion for bond purchases, and for an indefinite period of time, cemented the interest deep. Dangerous icy roads, freezing cold, snow up to 300 meters: Now, Olaf PCP Dangerous icy roads, icy cold, snow Deep up to 300 meters: Now, Olaf

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Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 01:02

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