Almost 50 billion Surplus: What still needs to happen before the Grand coalition lowers our taxes?

an average run stand-Alone, with the average income in Germany, 49.5% of the so-called labour costs to the state - including the employer's share of social sec

Almost 50 billion Surplus: What still needs to happen before the Grand coalition lowers our taxes?

an average run stand-Alone, with the average income in Germany, 49.5% of the so-called labour costs to the state - including the employer's share of social security contributions. This is evident from a study of the industrialized countries organization OECD by the year 2018. Labour costs are defined by the OECD as gross salary and social contributions of the employer.

CDU wants to give back money to citizen

While some Union politicians would like to reduce in light of the government Surpluses, the taxes, keeps the SPD Co-chair Saskia Eskens such Considerations for "dangerous".

it relies on large infrastructure packages, in the many billions of euros will flow. The state would relieve its citizens and, for example, the income tax cut would remain for such projects, less money to spare.

the German government is swimming in money. According to the latest Figures from the Federal Statistical office achieved the Federal government, Länder, municipalities and social insurance in 2019, together with a Surplus of 49.8 billion euros . Thus, the development of the previous years continued.

These are good Numbers thanks to the low interest rates paid by the Federal government for its debts. While savers are suffering from the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank, and saves the Federal government billions. FOCUS-Online-Deal with world-save

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Now to the offer

Booming economy, the state of flushed money into the coffers

the Federal government and the countries to benefit from the economic upturn in the past ten years. More and more Jobs and at least a moderate increase in income secured by the state higher revenues tend to decline in social spending.

Despite these two positive effects for the citizens to be more massive to the cashier asked. The last significant tax reduction in Germany can only remember, who is of full age: In the year 2000, the then Federal government reduced the loads. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

Since the chancellorship of Angela Merkel (CDU) to climbed the state revenue massively. In 2019, the state took over, according to the statistics portal "Statista" 796,4 billion euros in taxes. The amount is expected to rise in the coming years. In the current year, the expected tax estimator tax revenue from 816,4 billion - an increase of 2.5 percent. The other predictions:

  • 2021: 845,2 billion
  • 2022: 875,1 billion
  • 2023: 904,9 billion
  • 2023: 935,0 billion
tax rates in Germany

Who will score in Germany as a Single taxable year income (zvE) of more than 9408 Euro, you must pay taxes. The rate starts at 14 percent and reached 42 percent for a das about 55.961 Euro (Stand 2019). Of these 42 per cent are so for every Euro from 55.961 das. Income from this height is achieved in Germany, around three million citizens.

The so-called rich paid the tax, finally, all the earn of 2019, at least 265.327 euros a year. The covered around 110,000 citizens.

Also interesting: "Unjust and existential threat" - the expert considers pension tax is driving seniors into poverty.

the event will happen What with all the tax revenue?

The Federal government adheres to the policy of the Black Zero, that is: He wants to make no debts. Why also, given the high level of revenue. However, these sums are high and expenses. A few days ago, for example, Deutsche Bahn announced that it wants to invest in the next ten years, 86 billion euros in its infrastructure. The Federal government assumes from this huge amount of 62 billion euros.

of Course, the web has major catching up to do in terms of upgrading their rail network. But that does not mean that the Minister of Finance could not give back money to the citizens. The following ways are possible for example and be called to part for a long time:

Soli abolish all

, The FDP has been calling for a long time that the solos have to be completely abolished, not just for a majority of the population. FDP parliamentary group Deputy Christian Dürr says. "We need to give back to the people who worked on this record revenue, something."

electricity prices reduce

CSU leader Markus Söder recently proposed to use the money for a reduction in electricity prices. "All of them had what both companies and consumers," said the Bavarian Prime Minister on the sidelines of the closed meeting of the CSU parliamentary group in the upper Bavarian monastery of Seeon. It's conceivable that a reduction in the levy for Renewable energies (EEG) or the electricity is expensive.

Lower taxes

the Federal economic Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU) wants to incorporate it in the annual economic report, the Ministry is currently compiling, a commitment to tax cuts. "In view of the budget surpluses and the weak economy" was a relief for the citizens and the companies now "elementary", cited the "Handelsblatt" voices from the Federal Ministry of economic Affairs.

Similar to the demands of the economic Council of the CDU provides. He proposes that the surplus money belongs "in the hands of the hard-working citizens and businesses". Why not?

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