Armed by Putin's Pipeline: While Germany is examining work in Moscow on the counter-attack

Russia has sentenced after the stop of the construction works for the Nord Stream Baltic sea Pipeline 2, the US sanctions against the project as a violation of

Armed by Putin's Pipeline: While Germany is examining work in Moscow on the counter-attack

Russia has sentenced after the stop of the construction works for the Nord Stream Baltic sea Pipeline 2, the US sanctions against the project as a violation of international law. The "absolutely unacceptable, coarse actions of the United States" did not remain without response, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the Agency Interfax that on Monday in Moscow. The Federal government intends to examine the impact of the US act. The Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer said in Berlin: "We watch it carefully and will then decide on everything else."

A spokeswoman for the German Economics Ministry confirmed the German Position, according to the extra-territorial sanctions to be rejected. The Federal government had, however, ruled against measures in the Form of the sanctions.

the Russian counter-sanctions in work

by Contrast, the Russian head of government Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Cabinet in Moscow's counter-sanctions strategy. The attempt by the US to prevent the Pipeline project, contrary to all the principles of international trade, Medvedev said. Nord Stream 2 will be completed, he said in the evening with views of the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom. Gazprom (Sp.ADRs) 7,37 EUR -0.03 (-0.41 of%) Xetra To the rate of data

The group also ships. "Gazprom has alternative variants, such as the everything there is to continue, it will only take a little bit longer - everything is not so bad," Medvedev said. He expects a delay of a few months.

for More on the Russian Plan, the Pipeline with their own ships finished, read here.

Russia accuses the United States, out of economic self-interest against Russian Pipeline Gas in Europe to proceed to sell your much more expensive liquefied petroleum gas. In contrast, the United States stressed that they wanted to prevent a too great European dependence on Russian Gas. US President, Donald Trump had to set the penalties at the end of last week by the signature in motion. dpa/Bernd Wüstneck/dpa The pipelay vessel "Audacia" by the Offshore service provider Allseas laid in the Baltic sea off the island of Rügen pipes for the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 (Aerial shots with a drone).

U.S. target companies

The US sanctions in the law "on the protection of energy security for Europe" aim at the Operators of specialist vessels, with which the pipes will be laid through the Baltic sea. The aim is to prevent the completion.

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had already announced counter-sanctions. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the situation needs to be analyzed. Previously, the Swiss company Allseas, the relocated vessels with Special lights at the bottom of the Baltic sea had stopped Working. Since the weekend, Nord Stream 2 is stopped. U.S. senators had threatened the company with consequences, you should build the nearly finished pipe.

Nord Stream 2 project costs almost ten billion euros. To date, a total of more than 2300 kilometers of the total of 2460 km-long Pipeline have been laid, as the operator consortium announced. "Nord Stream 2 and the support for the project companies continue to work on the early commissioning of the Pipeline," said a company spokesman on Monday. The Pipeline lies in the "interest of energy security, the affordability of gas prices for European consumers and the economic competitiveness of the EU," it said. Climate protection obligations would be met. dpa/Stefan Sauer/dpa-Central image/dpabild pipes for the Baltic sea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 are stored in the port of Mukran (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Nord Stream 2 is yet to be completed pumps

The Pipeline should, in the future, per year, around 55 billion cubic meters of Russian Gas directly to Germany. Some EU States, including Poland, are opposed to the project. Ukraine fears Nord Stream 2 to its Position as a transit country for Russian Gas to the EU. At almost the same time with the entry into force of the U.S. sanctions, Russia and Ukraine agreed on a gas transit contract for the next five years.

Russia is pumps, therefore, in the future, with a view to the capacity of Nord Stream 2, on average, half of its gas through Ukraine. The chronic shortage Ukraine loses important revenues. Russia can direct contrast, Gas in a shorter way and independently from other countries to Germany. dpa the Pipeline

Kremlin spokesman Peskov runs expressed the hope that the line can be completed in spite of the sanctions. Possible this would be from the point of view of experts with Russian ships, but they will take longer. Are expected to be substantial delays until the second half of the year 2020. The Pipeline, with two 1200-Kilometer-long strands was originally supposed to be the end of the year finished.

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