Auto summit: It is a horror scenario goes through the industry

As stated in the report of a working group of the German Commission of the National platform for the future of mobility, in an extreme scenario, up to 410.000 j

Auto summit: It is a horror scenario goes through the industry

As stated in the report of a working group of the German Commission of the National platform for the future of mobility, in an extreme scenario, up to 410.000 jobs in danger alone in the vehicle compared to 2018 240,000 Jobs, which would be almost every fourth point.

In the report, it says that if the competitive position of German industry in the field of electric mobility in the coming years, the increases do not improve, and the import demand for battery cells and electric vehicles, would be expecting a "significant decline in employment" by 2030.

The National platform, the car industry and the IG Metall tried, however, to make it clear that this extreme scenario will not occur. "The extreme scenario, I think, from today's point of view is not realistic," said the head of the working group IG-metal-Chef Jörg Hofmann. "So, it would be only if we produce all of the batteries, and a large part of the E-vehicles in this country. But the German car manufacturers have now woken up, the Model campaign for E-cars are coming." "A self-runner that's not all, but I'm optimistic."

car industry in a fundamental change

The message comes to the top meeting in the Chancellery. The car industry is in a fundamental change. The consequences for the employees should be mitigated with the help of the state.

in The difficult upheaval in the auto industry, with its hundreds of thousands of workers should also be with the help of the state's Jobs secured. In the case of the planned measures is to facilitate access to short-time work, and to qualify Employees in the change from the internal combustion engine to the electric motor better. Politics, trade unions and business associations want to pull together, like after a summit meeting in Berlin clearly was. Display:

IG-metal-Chef Jörg Hofmann, called after the Meeting, under the direction of the Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU), quick steps of the policy to facilitate the restructuring of the industry. He expected "in the near future concrete results" about the qualification of employees and to facilitate short-time work, said Hofmann on Wednesday evening.

"This is a big challenge,"

You've talked about the change in Mobility could create, "without that, Employees come under the wheels", and without "industrial deserts" in the regions, which strongly depend on the internal combustion engine. "In the short term, months is not for me," he added.

The Vice-President of the car Federation VDA, Arndt Kirchhoff, said that the competitiveness of Germany as a location held could be. Employees for new Jobs would have to be qualified. "This is a big challenge." It is not billions in aid, but to take the right measures. The competent Federal ministries, wanted to bring these, now on the way.

the President of The employers Association of total metal, Rainer dulger pointed out, said that the period of upheaval in the industry the event in the face of digital change and electro-mobility in a slowdown in economic growth. Therefore, for example, easier access to short-time work was necessary. FOCUS-MONEY - The great stock market analysis to 2020. All about stocks, Gold, commodities

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relief for short-time working allowances

In a position paper of the VDA, Gesamtmetall and the IG Metall to the Meeting it is of the utmost social interest, in the future a competitive, to have innovative and employment, strong industry in Germany.

the relief for short-time work money should quickly be traded, because in the first quarter, many business decisions would be made. It should be possible for the company to keep employees despite temporarily lower the volume of orders, it says in the paper that the German press-Agency existed. A Fund could facilitate suppliers ' access to debt or Equity capital. Jan Woitas/zb/dpa employees at the BMW plant in Leipzig to work in the Assembly process for the BMW i8.

"the Cost savings to the enterprises"

heard, The auto industry is in the midst of a fundamental shift from petrol and diesel towards more climate-friendly alternative drives such as electric motors. Manufacturers and suppliers need to invest billions. For E-cars but fewer Jobs are needed, because there are much less components. The E-mobility poses however, to date hardly any money.

At the same time, demand in key markets has declined. The hits so far, especially suppliers. There are already short-time work and the announcement of job cuts.

Hofmann had expected to be told in advance of the meeting of the dpa: "The IG Metall, the labour - market and industrial-policy support the shift in Traffic gets a boost and the necessary tools to be sharpened." The access to short-time work should in the short term for the industry facilitates to bridge the order - and structure-related under-utilisation of capacity without layoffs. "The Cost savings to the companies, when you combine short-time working with qualification and an extension of the reference period to 24 months."

Stefan Wolf, management Board Chairman of the automotive supplier ElringKlinger and the VDA-a Board member, told the Germany radio, the industry is already very well positioned in the field of fuel cell and battery technology. "But we have to investigate, of course, and if state funds are provided and not only in our business but in many other suppliers, I think then we will create the structural change." Wolf called for a total of 10 to 20 billion euros for the Expansion of the charging infrastructure.

So oriented FOCUS to come Online readers of the post:

"The auto industry will be surprised and the politicians also. I assume that the many citizens not to drive their internal combustion cars for so long, until it goes. Each lantern Parker has to Load when the theme is a Problem, because where the current in his / her environment? Then the policy would have to ensure transparency in the billing of public charging stations. Nothing happens. As long as there only is doctored, will buy no reasonable citizen of a E-car. The auto industry and, above all, their employees will be the losers."

"If you look at the sales figures of electric cars, the industry is far from a transformation. I think it is a dramatic entrepreneurial bug decision, to put all the cards on a product that does not want to have the market at all. This will ultimately cost Jobs. The government sets the direction, and the industry runs like the Lemming into the abyss. In my opinion, should keep the government out of which they know nothing, such as the free-market economy." Snow down to the lowlands – to the start of the week traffic PCP snow to lowlands, threatens Chaos in the profession – at the start of the week of Chaos in the rush hour

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