Billion hole in the pension with 63: The worst is yet to come

Here, a billion there is, from the beginning, hole in the financing of the pension with 63. In just the first three years (2014-2016) were incurred more expendi

Billion hole in the pension with 63: The worst is yet to come

Here, a billion there is, from the beginning, hole in the financing of the pension with 63. In just the first three years (2014-2016) were incurred more expenditure of 6.5 billion euros, calculated the experts of the Munich-based Ifo Institute. The Federal government had expected in its bill, only five billion euros. Due to failures in the case of taxes and social contributions, the total accumulated costs for the period to 12.5 billion euros.

last October, the cost of pension were increased with 63 a report of the "image" that for the first time in more than two billion euros – per month. In November, the pension Fund had paid a total of 2,032 billion euros to recipients of the pension with 63.

More than 70 percent of baby boomers want to early retirement

A study by the Bergisch University of Wuppertal, Germany had shown in February, what are the challenges in the coming years, the German pension system wait. Since the birth of Generation to control the boomers, the so-called baby boomers-at the end of their working life - with very clear ideas of how it should look. Accordingly, 71 percent of all German struts between 53 and 59 years of early retirement – in part, significantly before the regular age limit:

  • 30% would like to get in at the age of 60 years for the retirement in full drag.
  • More than one in four (26 per cent) want to go with exactly 63 years in retirement.

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retirement age for the pension with 63 is increasing every year by two months

The statistics suggests that many baby flirt Boomer with the offer of the Federal government, the 2014 is Insured with the "old-age pension for long-term and particularly long-term" - the official Name for the pension with 63 - early retirement without deductions possible made.

The Name is somewhat misleading, because in fact, the age of admission moves up each year by two months, to the rear: If you are Born in 1956, you may go in this year with 63 years and eight months in retirement. T. blade höfer With 63, you can actually only go to two year course in pension

precondition: The employee has accumulated 45 contribution years.

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nevertheless, the range finds huge demand of 2018 were asked 251.000 new applications, such as the German pension insurance scheme announced in January. The were only slightly less than in the record year of 2017, with almost 254.000 nos.

2019 is probably a new record for the pension with 63

This year, there could be a new maximum value: the latest statistics of the German pension insurance show, requested from January until the end of November 2019, more than 238,000 seniors, the so-called "old-age pension for especially long-term Insured". So many of them there were in this period still never.

For comparison: The then Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) calculated in the draft law only "about 200,000 cases per year". A total of about 1.5 million pensioners receive the old money.

cost for the pension with 63, would he be able to survive explode

Twelve million gainfully active people in Germany belong to the Baby. Should use in the coming years, in fact, every fourth of them is the pension with 63, threaten the cost to explode. In addition, any Early retirement of a contributor ceases to be. The pension system is so strained in two ways.

You may not even imagine, what happens if, in addition to the 30 percent of respondents would like to go with 60 in pension to make this dream come true.

Since it is a small consolation that it is likely to be the case of many respondents, in fact, wishful thinking: The Wuppertal study shows that more than half of the respondents do not or rather can not "make a premature withdrawal from employment financially".

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