Buy or wait? Asset managers, explains the proper tactics for investors

FOCUS Online For many investors, prevails in panic mood due to the exchange losses. What do you say to those who are now inclined to sell hectic? Stefan Kem

Buy or wait? Asset managers, explains the proper tactics for investors

FOCUS Online For many investors, prevails in panic mood due to the exchange losses. What do you say to those who are now inclined to sell hectic?

Stefan Kemmler: As an investor, I have made me, hopefully, in advance thoughts on my risk mentality: How to be ready to take risks I am what movements I'm mentally and financially? Thereafter, the investment strategy is then. To this you have to be sure to hold disciplined if you want to succeed in the long term.

It is fluctuations as it is now by the Coronavirus to endure. We do not have to worry and should nachinvestieren in the case of the obviously extremely low price-to-stands instead. The Person

Stefan Kemmler, managing Director of Rhein-plan GmbH ( in Cologne, Germany, and approved fee-based financial investment Advisor.

You have to use this Moment just to have a convenient

FOCUS Online Other securities, buy - but how can I use the break-in because of the best for purchase?

Kemmler : Just as a side note: Basically, you should not practice market Timing. But I must admit that is a very good time. You have to take this Moment just to buy cheap and discounts on the stock exchange to take.

Nonetheless, The risk should be widely spread. As a beginner, it is advisable to buy an ETF on the MSCI World, perhaps even an ETF on the MSCI Emerging Markets. This has created a solid Foundation and can go into individual stocks, but situation, only with a small percentage of its own assets, please, no matter what the market.

FOCUS Online : The courses are in the basement. You recommend to buy right now. So I guess the best is equal to my entire Savings, after all, the following applies: Where more effort, more return...

Kemmler: not take the whole Saved! The Basis of all success in building up assets is always that I have an iron reserve. This nest egg can vary, he should move depending on the individual need for security between the three-and twelve-month expenses, but he must always be present.

Just an example: You decide full of euphoria, to invest everything. Then the washing machine breaks down and you need money immediately. This scenario is happening now to a time such as now, the courses on a deep level, one is forced to sell shares to get cash and realized a loss. This is very unfavorable.

FOCUS Online : Many investors do not hesitate with the entry, because you do not know whether the rates will not fall further. No one wants to buy expensive. What would you advise them?

Kemmler: It even professionals are unable to time the market and buy at the lowest rates. Who is constantly waiting for the right entry-level opportunity never comes to the train. Therefore, it is useful to successive positions. So you take a part of the money you want to invest, and buys the first share. So it is, in any case, if the rates go back up.

FOCUS Online , And if it goes down?

Kemmler: Then you are glad that we still have reserves. So you have the opportunity, once again cheap to buy. It is important to have a long investment horizon. The usual fluctuations in share prices fall so much weight. With the SCC-exchange of letters next to values, and in the short term and the long term Top return on investment! (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

stocks are for wealth building essential

FOCUS Online Some investors flee because of the Fall in "safe havens" like Gold, instead of buying right now share. Is it in your opinion useful?

Kemmler: This is a leapfrog action from panic. Gold is a fear of currency is. Looking at the gold price development since the abolition of the gold standard, is the real rate of return negative. To invest only because of the consequences of the Coronavirus 50 percent of the assets in Gold, is nonsense.

FOCUS Online : The break-in to the Buy use, Nachinvestieren and the investment strategy - with these tips investors have already started, as you can see from the corona to panic at the most to get out. Moreover, you will have a piece of advice?

Kemmler: invest As has already been said, counter-cyclical, it is worth. Also, I would like to thank all that expire in activism, say: equity in times of Low to negative interest rates to build assets is essential. Securities is the best asset class in times of crisis. Those who are afraid I may call in the head, the Dax has made since inception in 1987, more than 8 percent Plus per year.

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 20:00