Check food : CCSA, bio, for that... What's the aid for the most deprived ?

CHECK FOOD. Defended by the 'convention' for the climate, the check food for the poor is to facilitate the access to fresh, organic and short circuits. It is

Check food : CCSA, bio, for that... What's the aid for the most deprived ?

CHECK FOOD. Defended by the 'convention' for the climate, the check food for the poor is to facilitate the access to fresh, organic and short circuits. It is still the subject of discussions.

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[updated on 01 march 2021 to 08h07] for Lack of sufficient income, the food budget of many homes is undermined in the context of the health crisis of the coronavirus. Students, single-parent families, precarious workers... Many of them are the French who came to swell the ranks of the food aid. The government is currently working on the creation of a cheque food, idea, defended by the 'Convention' for the climate. Goal, allowing the acquisition of "sustainable products (derived from the agro-ecology of the short circuits)", could we read in the final report of the convention. In mid-December, the president of the Republic had promised to complete this project before the citizens of the convention : "You're right. We're going to do". Who will be entitled to the cheque food ? What will be the amount ? Who will be responsible for the assignment : the CCSA, the FCA ? For the time being, these questions have not yet been decided. made the point in waiting for the final decisions, which must be made by the end of march. The device should be put in place in the month of September.

CCAS distribute-they already have the cheque food ?

The CCAS may have a central role in the allocation of future cheque food. The ministry of the Economy defends in any case, the idea that the ccas is responsible for the distribution (see below). In fact, the CCAS already play a decisive role with more precarious. They can indeed deliver aid, either in the form of in-kind assistance (the food parcels) or financial aid (aid to the restoration school, vouchers or cheques food, check, coaching...). You want to know if your municipality provides good food ? Turn to your CCSA, because the devices vary from one locality to another. In the department of the Somme, for example, the CCAS of the town of Albert was introduced bills with a value of 25 euros from June 2020. The number of good varies as a function of the composition of the household, 4-to 7-good "distributed for a period of 2 months, renewable".

CAF awards-t-she also checks food ?

The Cash family allowances shall not assign cheque food at the national level. At the local level, certain features of food aid can be put in place. It is advisable to contact the department of social action of its body. On its dedicated website, the Fca of the Saône-et-Loire put forward including the establishment of a one-time grant in April 2020, to help poor people to buy food products of first necessity. The device was addressed to the recipient of family benefits, the APL, the RSA and the bonus activity.

What will be the amount of the cheque food ?

the amount of The cheque food is not yet known. For the moment, only the member of parliament of Paris, Mounir Mahjoubi, has submitted a proposal encrypted, with a cheque for which the price would be between 30 and 60 euros per month per family. "The total budget could raise a few hundred million to two billion euros," says the member of parliament in Western France. "After that, it will come into confrontation with other proposals, such as specific benefits for the period of Covid. That is the whole purpose of the discussions that took place at the government level". The powerful farmers ' union FNSEA has a device that would spend 5 euros per day.

Which products can I buy with cheque food ? Only the bio ?

Here, too, the list must be the subject of trade-offs soon. In their report, the citizens 'Convention' for the climate to defend a device to buy "sustainable products (derived from the agro-ecology of the short circuits)". "The term "sustainable" is usually used as referring to the 50% of the products to enter in the composition of the meals in the catering (...) from the law of EGALIM", can we read.

"The group LREM proposes to offer cheques food (...) [which] would acquire products virtuous as specified in the act Egalim : fresh produce sign of quality – type bio or labels) – with a focus on fruits and vegetables, explicit Mounir Mahjoubi with the regional daily Ouest-France. "Open up to other more expensive items would not necessarily significant in the basket of the family. For us, 85 % of the money invested will then have to go back to the farmers. We have, however, well aware that in certain districts, popular, and urban, who have little of sale in the circuit courts, or to the farm, nothing will be possible if we do not work with the retailers".

The scenario advocated by Bercy, which is proposed to assign this skill to the CCAS, is also on this line. "The State would pay the difference between a food basket as normal and a shopping cart that meets the criteria of sustainable (organic, label rouge, IGP, etc) defined by the law Egalim 2018", can we read in The Echos.

The cheque food for the poor, but who ?

The cheque food is a device that caters to the most deprived persons. What will be the criteria ? Will there be a threshold of income tax to pre-o

Date Of Update: 01 March 2021, 18:57

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