Christmas series - waiver: I would like to time rather than stuff

Nadine Schubert-free lives for the past seven years plastic. You have to give anything up, says the blogger, and book author. toys Yes, packaging no? Also the

Christmas series - waiver: I would like to time rather than stuff

Nadine Schubert-free lives for the past seven years plastic. You have to give anything up, says the blogger, and book author.

toys Yes, packaging no? Also the plastic question can be answer photo: Reuters

Ms. Schubert, you are blogging and writing about a life without plastic. Skin cream, detergent, soup, flavoring everything you do. Sounds exhausting...

Nadine Schubert: but it Is not. I mainly do things for yourself, which would cost me more time, if I buy it. If I stir my detergent together a lot faster than if I leave myself in the supermarket at the checkout instead.

you Consume less overall, since you and dispense with plastic?

Yes, our consumer behavior has changed, overall very. In 2013 I started to live without plastic; in the meantime, I buy only fair and organic clothing, I first switched to vegetarian, then to vegan diet and buy mainly regional. I am speaking, but not of waiver. Without people to connect to something that you are missing. For me plastic is to live freely and consciously consume more of a Deny of all what you mean to me in front of the nose and put. I give only the money, which I would like to give it to really.

life so cheap?

eventually. Also, because we are no longer seduced constantly to buy crap. This is not to say that we have nothing Nice treat. 'Time rather than stuff' is the keyword. I'd rather go eat good food or go for a holiday instead of buying me each year a new winter jacket.

Find each one plastic is evil, or you make exceptions? On your Blog you can win a bag made from recycled plastic...

My children also have Playmobil and Lego, and my vacuum cleaner is made of plastic. These are things that we will Use for a long time. The backpack from my Blog can be a companion for Life. I don't want that, now all people buy a backpack – but if someone needs a should he take that was fair and ecologically produced.

Get the consumer enough information to be able to the good from the bad products differ? Often plastic substitutes – for example, glass or cardboard are not better, but worse than plastic...

paper, the wrong. We produce more paper than plastic garbage, cardboard and paper for packaging is not a good substitute for plastic. And it is always important to pay attention no matter whether in bathroom, printer, or fancy paper, recycled material. Since you have to buy the better product. Glass, however, is a different case. It is always more sustainable than plastic, if it didn't have to lay more than 200 kilometres. In Bavaria, there are fortunately still a lot of dairies or Breweries; so you can buy a regional beverage in the glass. A lot of packaging in the Yellow bag, for example made of Tetra pack are not recycled. Glass is almost 100 per cent recycled, and the pledge of glasses can again and again be filled. You will wash with water and Soda, so eco-friendly. I inform me about the Alternatives to plastics, their advantages and disadvantages. I'm also often asked afterwards.

During Christmas for some, the epitome of gifts-madness and gluttony is, others are aware of the opposite: An empty home apply some as a status symbol. Others feel digital overwhelmed and do without a Smartphone. In turn, others find that they consume in everyday life, too much plastic. After decades of a barely braked consumer enthusiasm of conscious waiver is announced. A shaft mucking out and tidying up goes by the households. Others want more time for themselves and dispense even more work, but also on wages. In a series, the taz presents the various currents of the new abstinence.

you Should not approach better the real chunks of Ökosünden and air travel or the car?

Yes, already. Flown I'm even in 2011, the last Time, but on my car I can not do without. I live in the country, travels twice a day on the school bus. Since it does not go without a car. It each step is important. The protesters of Fridays for the Future, has also been accused of going behind to Mc Donald's. So what? Many of the Demos were certainly the introduction about their consumption behavior to reflect. That's a good thing.

And now, the practical part. First of all: plastic-free life for beginners. What can one do without most easily?

many of the packaging, the food in the house. Fruit and vegetables, meat and cheese, I can pack everything in the supermarket and with its own doses of shopping. Even in drugstores, there are now soap to shower and wash your hair, I need no plastic bottles.

A recipe for Advanced?

Nadine Schubert blogging since 2013 about your life without plastic writes books and holds Workshops on the topic.

homemade fresh cheese. You buy a yogurt in a glass, leave it over night with a sieve and a kitchen towel to drain and have a delicious in the morning, spreadable cream cheese in the glass. If it is too hot in the kitchen, put it in the fridge. The fresh cheese you can season it with spring onions or herbs, he keeps a week and caused no waste.

What is the thing made of plastic annoys you constantly, because you can not do without it?

I am angry about hardly anything. For example, I have a toilet brush made of plastic, because I have to replace the wood on a monthly basis. This is also not sustainable. And I may or may not want to miss to grandma's, even though they constantly bring plastic into the house, with gummy bears or toys. We must also not crazy, it all must remain pleasant and doable.

Date Of Update: 26 December 2019, 19:00

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