Citizens have less confidence in pensions

the survey of the German Institute for retirement (DIA) for its "SLIDE-Germany-Trend Pension revealed". The results for the second decline in a row. The SLIDE

Citizens have less confidence in pensions

the survey of the German Institute for retirement (DIA) for its "SLIDE-Germany-Trend Pension revealed". The results for the second decline in a row. The SLIDE and explored its survey every year the trust of the citizens "in the three pillars of old-age security, the expectations of the standard of living in retirement and pension planning", as it says in the message.

trust in the state pension drops rapidly

In the survey, citizens will appreciate the safety and reliability of the various pension pillars. To do this, use a scale from 0 as the worst value up to 10 as the best grade.

  • The state pension came to 2019 in this evaluation, on average, a score of 3,9 . In 2018 he was 4.2, in the previous year, even a 5.7.
  • The pension (bAV) cuts off the 4,8 much better, private pension reached the value of 4,7 .

in summary, the authors of the "SLIDE-Germany-Trend Precautionary note", that the doubts as to the statutory retirement fell in the last two years more apparent than in the second and third pillar of old-age security.

As a reason for this loss of confidence in the study is called "the long and contradictory discussions on the basic pension ". With a new basic pension of the Grand coalition to fight old-age poverty. Up to 1.5 million people with very small pensions and at least 35 years of contribution should receive from 2021 a Supplement.

After a compromise between the Union and the SPD is intended to benefit from the basic pension to all retirees, having 35 years of contributions and their contribution rate below 80 percent, but about 30 percent of the average income is. The average earnings of all pension insurance in West Germany in 2019, with 38.901 Euro. In 2020 it is expected to rise to 40.551 Euro. Everything you know about your pension

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Two-thirds of respondents fear of poverty in old age

Return to the SLIDE-poll: Nearly two-thirds of the citizens fear, that they need to reduce in their standard of living. The value appears high at first glance, however, is slightly lower than in previous years. So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

Nevertheless, lack of willingness to be more self-provision

many Respondents, in Spite of the predominantly negative expectation is not ready, private stronger retirement and your "self was in charge of retirement plans in the near time to increase", as a result of the survey.

30 percent of the survey participants state that they have yet provides sufficient pre. The other 70 per cent rate their Preparedness as inadequate. However, only about half of them in the next twelve months will be an Expansion of old-age provision.

The survey was the SLIDE at the beginning of December 2019 from INSA, where it was as an Online survey perform. 1007 people aged 18 to 64 years, participated.

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