Concentration on one aim: to Learn from Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs

at the beginning of July 1991 gave Bill Gates senior, the father of Microsoft-founder Bill Gates, a dinner, at which among others, Warren Buffett took part. The

Concentration on one aim: to Learn from Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs

at the beginning of July 1991 gave Bill Gates senior, the father of Microsoft-founder Bill Gates, a dinner, at which among others, Warren Buffett took part. There are two of the most successful personalities were sitting at the table, which are now already since many years on the top positions in the Forbes list of the richest men in the world. The father of Bill Gates, Alice Schroeder reports in her Buffett biography, was at the dinner, a question to the assembled guests: "What do you think, which is the important factor has brought you to where you are today? What in your life is the most important role goals play?“ Buffett replied spontaneously: "focus." And Bill Gates said the same thing.

Bill Gates decided to be a little

Gates to tackle had already committed at the age of 13 to 100 percent the Computer: "I mean, from the moment I was one hundred percent. Nothing else existed any more.“ His parents were Worried about him: "Although he was only in the ninth class, he seemed to already possessed by the Computer, was because of him, the nights around the ears and took care of anything else." Finally they banned him, even a Computer to handle what he thought was at least nine months.

A former study colleague described to Gates: "Bill had what Monomanes. If he put something in the head interested him, nothing more. Whatever he took in Hand, he was determined to pack.“ His former girlfriend reported that Bill Gates had always been extremely focused and have tolerated no distractions. Therefore, he had no television obsessed and even his radio shut down. She added that it was "difficult to have a relationship with someone to maintain, on a seven – hour return of pride, he stayed away never longer than seven hours from work". The Person

Dr. Dr. Rainer lawyers in the historian, sociologist and wealth researcher. He is rich, among other things, the author of the books "the psychology of the super", "Set bigger goals" and "The art of successful living: wisdom of two millennia, from Confucius to Steve Jobs".

Warren Buffett – highly concentrated, even in the leisure time

focus meant for Warren Buffett to focus on years and decades on the achievement of a single goal. Already as a child, Schroeder, he dreamed of wealth and devoured a book entitled One Thousand Ways to Make $ 1000. "The opportunity is there," it said on the first page of text of Buffett's favorite book. "Never in the history of the United States, the opportunity for a person with a little capital as low as it is today, to start your own company."

Buffett announced at the age of eleven years, he'll be 35 years old millionaire. With 16 years he already had $ 5,000 he had earned through various business ideas and frugality. Today, over $ 60,000 would not be year – bad for a 16. His goal is to become a millionaire, he had, by the way, already with 30 years. Where you have to remember that back then a Million dollars were worth a lot more than it is today. FOCUS MONEY - The best money ideas for 2020

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Warren Buffett is focused at all, even in the leisure time. One of his few Hobbies is to play Bridge. Bill Gates had previously tried to make the purchase of a computer with the promise of tasty, he'll choose the most beautiful girl of Microsoft, so to him this girl beibrächte work on the PC. Even with this promise, he could not persuade Buffett to purchase a PC, because he saw its Benefits.

after a friend said that he could play his favorite game Bridge online, he had to purchase a PC persuade. However, he insisted that it is not explained to him, only those functions which are essential for the game of Bridge is required, because he is interested, otherwise, for a Computer and other functions. His income tax statement he could make in his head, so Buffett for something he needed a Computer. But alone play Bridge, couldn't do it without the Computer.

The bat in the room, he did not even notice

When he had once gained pleasure from it, he played so focused that nothing can distract you would. He was so engrossed in the game that he had once, as a bat through the house fluttered and excited, and flew through the room with the TV. His girlfriend excitedly shouted: "Warren, there's a bat in there." Warren has not looked up once, so engrossed he was in the game, and just said casually: "I you don't mind in the Slightest."

After Buffett had practiced for a time with the two-time world champion Sharon Osberg Bridge, he enlisted together with her for the world Cup. This was very unusual for someone who had even participated yet never in a championship. Buffett sat at the table and seemed to be all around to completely hide, as no one else in the room. The other players had much more experience than he does. "But he was able to focus on the game and to stay as calm and relaxed as if he was playing at home in the living room. Its intensity is compensated for the weaknesses in his game,“ wrote Schroeder in her Buffett biography. Buffett qualified to the Surprise of all present for his very first Competition ever for the Finale of the Bridge world Cup. However, due to the extreme concentration of about one and a half days he was so exhausted and drained that he could no longer compete. The almost superhuman focus, had demanded its price.

Steve Jobs – focus means to say no

"Many people think that focus means saying Yes to the things you choose to focus on. However, it is not so. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. I'm just as proud of the things that we have not made, as to the things we have made“, my Apple-founder Steve Jobs. Jobs, Apple was so successful because he is first of all once a majority of the product range and on quite a few products focused.

"If he puts all his powers on a single goal, it can also reach the Weakest of anything, while even the Strongest, the bogged down his own, might come to nothing", already knew of the Scottish historian and philosopher Thomas Carlyle. The scientific research about successful athletes or musicians, many of which people think, the Talent was key to its unusual success, meanwhile, has shown that in most cases, the systematic Practice of early Childhood was, for her unusual success. People who have not had yet the desired success in life, attribute this to a lack of luck, lack of Talent or lack of relationships. In truth, one of the main reasons why some people have more and others less successful, only that the former are better able to focus their energies than the latter.

A karate fighter can smash even the bricks, because he concentrated all the energy of a shock in a small point. Although the karate fighters has less muscles than a weight lifter, its "power" due to the extreme focus on a point higher. The book: "the psychology of the super-rich"

For his doctoral thesis Rainer Volume has. 45 German super-rich were interviewed, the assets of which is between ten million and several billion euros The Interviews took place between September 2015 and March 2016, your transcripts filled 1740 pages. In addition, each interviewee completed a personality test which consisted of 50 questions. A later Volume, published his doctoral thesis under the title "The psychology of the super-rich" in the financial book publisher.

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