Corona-panic in European stock markets, and in China the rates are going up again

13.4 percent, the Dax has since the 19th century. February, lost value. So fast it went last during the financial crisis of 2008 to the bottom. In the global sc

Corona-panic in European stock markets, and in China the rates are going up again

13.4 percent, the Dax has since the 19th century. February, lost value. So fast it went last during the financial crisis of 2008 to the bottom. In the global scale of the Corona-panic is considered in our stock is greater than elsewhere. Of 115 Countries index, only eleven fell in the past two weeks, more than the Dax. DAX 11.541,87 PTS. -402,85 (-3,37%) Xetra

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a stock exchange in Europe, most

reveals A look at the map of the world, Europe has become the epicenter of the stock market quake. France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark – the list of country indices that have been lost in the global scale disproportionately to value, is endless. Greece leads the world in a negative ranking with a loss of 20.6 percent. This is due in part to the refugee crisis.

countries without Corona-patients suffer greatly

Italy and Luxembourg (down 15.4 percent) and Austria (to -14.9 percent). With Belgium (-14.4 percent) and Spain (-13.9 per cent) the EU provides half of the Flop 10 in the past two weeks. Outside of Europe, Cambodia (-14,5 percent), of the Corona are affected-ridden Iran (-14.2 percent), and the anyway in the abyss related Venezuela (by 14.1 percent) the most.

down Significantly but it is also in many other industrial countries: The US, the S&P 500 with a decline of 10.7%, Russia hit 11.4 percent, Brazil with 12.3 percent, and Australia with 13 percent. Christoph Sackmann

stock quake - look at the map of the world

This shows that the Corona-the panic has to do in the stock market a little with the disease itself. Although there are in Australia now for 43 patients, but Brazil (2) Russia (3) have not been affected at all. But: All three countries are important raw material supplier for China. And since the economy has come since the outbreak of the epidemic to a Halt, the country required less resources.

Here you will read all the information about the Coronavirus live: Coronavirus outbreak in the News Ticker - Doctors warn of Corona-hysteria - thieves disinfectant from the children's cancer ward

China's stock market is rising, surprisingly,

China, in turn, is part of surprising to the 21 countries in which the stock market has risen in the past two weeks. mouth The Shanghai Composite as the most important mainland index rose by around two percent. The Hong Kong-based Hang Seng, however, lost 5.8 percent, which is roughly equivalent to the global average of 5.6 percent.

That the most important Chinese stock exchange in Shanghai may announce the green, is mainly due to the Central Bank. Has quickly established after the outbreak of the Corona-epidemic-new game rules for the stock exchange. So sales, i.e. bets on falling prices, currently prohibited, are empty. If you want to sell larger parcels of shares, it must register with the authorities.

in Addition, the Central Bank provided liquidity to the banks by lowering the cost of borrowing between banks to the lowest level since the financial crisis. A direct Stimulus by the ECB this week, decided not to China yet, he could but follow. With the SCC-exchange of letters next to values, and in the short term and the long term Top return on investment! (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

The previous interventions of the Central Bank has ensured the highest activity on the Shanghai stock exchange in four years. They concealed, however, that there is in China's economy away from the Corona problems. For this year, about a disproportionately high number of companies is expected to fail. The mountain of debt of Chinese companies is due to the trade war with the United States, significantly increased.

In these countries the stock market is still in the green

China's rising country index stands out on the map the most striking, but it is by far the fastest-growing Index. The small Kyrgyzstan, on China's Eastern border can claim. Here, the rates have increased since the 19th century. February to 12.6 percent. However, this number is to be used with caution, because the trade volume is so low that the value has changed, often for days and even a few purchases can trigger significant rate increases.

striking: Among the 21 stock exchanges, which are, in spite of the Corona-crisis in the ascendant, are in addition to China, almost exclusively in developing countries. 2nd place goes to Costa Rica (3.7%) ahead of Malawi (2.9 per cent), Nepal and Iraq (2.2 percent). In Europe, the Ukraine (1.7 percent), Northern Macedonia (0.2%) and Montenegro (0.1 percent) are only in the green area.

predictions about whether it is, for example, with the Dax down even further, it is currently almost impossible to meet. Much will depend on how well health authorities are able, the Corona-bursts outside of China to curb. In the mother country of the epidemic hardly any new people currently, the normality of returns. That would be for the world's stock exchanges is a good sign.

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